Death Notice [DN]


He is a gifted and intelligent young man. He is a murderer that enjoys the bloodshed.

He has a split personality disorder, yet his IQ far exceeds that of normal people.

He entered a maximum security prison as a young boy, but he made himself a genius by reading extensively in the prison.

He has two names. The first one is Qin Lun, the other is Joey.

Today will be his execution day…


Twelve years ago, a horrific murder case shocked the nation. A married couple were murdered and their 5 year old daughter had fallen unconscious on the ground. Their 8 year old son was bathed in blood. The evidence pointed to the son as the killer. In the next twelve years, this youngster used various methods to murder a dozen of people when he was locked in Handan Maximum Security Prison.

Today, the murderous fiend will be given the death penalty!

Death Notice Chapters will be numbered as follow: [Book].[Chapter]

 ie: DN 1.1 is Book 1 Chapter 1

Book 0: Death Prison (Fin)551242

  1. Chapter 0 + The Death Row Prisoner (Dead Link)
  2. Area 91
  3. Space-Time Teleportation

Book 1: Shattered Space

  1. Out of the Cages
  2. Reunion with Two Beauties
  3. Biochemisty (Translated by Laharl.vh of Silkpants Entente)

Book 2: Orphan’s Complaint

Book 3: Death Hunt

Book 4: Gentleman’s League

Book 5: Cabin in the Woods

Book 6: Ruined City Battle Royale

Book 7: Full-time Hunter

Book 8: Faerûn Adventures

Book 9: Hellsing

Book 10: Final Gospel

Book 11: Return to Faerûn

Final: Reaper’s Nightmare


46 thoughts on “Death Notice [DN]

    • If you’ve been paying any attention you’ll find that he isn’t necessarily evil and that all those he’s killed were bad people. The first were his foster parents that abused him and his sister, the next was the child care worker who abused him as well as other children, he killed his room mates who were in a super max security prison (can’t be for petty theft) some guards just happened to get caught up in it. Also what you have to realize is that he has an unidentified mental disorder. As for the harem idea i think a single lover would be better for this kind of character or at least some kind of love triangle, a harem just seems wrong for such a character.

      Liked by 3 people

      • He killed two innocent guards who only did their job. Definitely not a good person. And it’s not like he can’t have a harem, but most girls who would be attracted to him would have to be able to stomach his killing habit as well. In that case, having more would be better – is what I think

        Liked by 1 person

      • LOL… M.A.D. you really should read better. 2 innocent guards ?!
        In a super security prison where each movement is heavily watched, Qin dude suffers an agression HOW????
        Thanks to 2 guards that were corrupt.
        So why not kill them also when they’re after your head too?

        And Thanks for this new project.


      • [Blerh] Man just the idea of a simply, pure and innocent girl that would want to heal his twisted mentality just makes my stoma…
        [BLERH] Oh no my keyboard!!!

        Liked by 1 person

    • No no no no. The MC is good guy, his targets were not innocent but really bad people and when he was 8 someone framed him. You’ll see. You’ll see…


  1. this looks so awesome is he gonna die if he does i cant wait till reincarnation he needs to kick some ass in fact i dont know if he died in chapter 1 lol


  2. Is the new picture you added actually part of the story or just a picture you picked? If it is the latter then could you take it down. It is a nice picture but if it is not part of the actual story then it could confuse people, making them see that character each time they imagine the MC. Also i real like the first chapter and i am very optimistic about this story. Thanks you, and keep doing your work at your own pace.


  3. Is there a place where i could get some spoilers about if this is a harem story and if the MC has an actual mental disorder.
    PS. Is the picture real cause if not i think it would be better to change it( from looking at it he seems like some kind of criminal investigator).


      • I have nothing against them but from the chapter 2 it seems like he will be going to another world so i am a bit confused if it is an actual picture of the novel. If not then it just confusing and shouldn’t be used.


  4. The chapters so far are really great, like… really great! Thanks for translating this! I’m really very excited to read what happens next. The main character’s character is still a mystery from the readers POV.
    The new world is a mystery. The author already surpassed my expectations once, I am very much looking forward to it happening again with the way these mysteries are resolved!


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