The Alchemist God: Chapter 52: The Great Imperial General

Chapter 52: The Great Imperial General

“Because to me, killing you is as easy as crushing an ant.” Continue reading


The Alchemist God: Chapter 51 – A Powerful Challenger Approaches

Chapter 51 – A Powerful Challenger Approaches

“What are these idiots so excited about?”

With a look of disdain, the bearded Zhang Wei clenched his fists and shouted, “Since none of you Silver instructors want to take up the challenge, then let me be the first!” Continue reading

The Alchemist God: Chapter 49 – Silver Star Instructor

Chapter 49 – Silver Star Instructor

“Alright. Follow me, Lin Zhi!”

A middle-age-looking man walked in through the door. He had a fierce beard that looked like it had never been shaved. Raising his sharp brows, the man said with an annoyed tone, “What are you still standing around for? Hurry up. I’m going to show you where you’ll sleep and you’ll start working tomorrow. Hmph, don’t blame me for not warning you now, but working as a trainer is not a job normal people can handle!”

Lin Mu Yu nodded and followed behind the man. Continue reading

The Alchemist God: Chapter 48 – Sparring Trainer

Chapter 48 – Sparring Trainer

Under the starry sky, Feng Ji Xing stood on the side of the courtyard and watched with excitement. Standing by his side, Luolet laughed, “We’ll get to see Imperial Guard Chu Huai Dian’s magnificent secret art again!”

“Magnificent?” Lin Mu Yu asked in surprise. Martial art is martial art, what’s so magnificent about martial arts? Continue reading

The Alchemist God: Chapter 47 – Chu Huai Dian (Lightning)

Chapter 47 – Chu Huai Dian (Lightning)

The clear breeze shook the leaves on the tree branches as Feng Ji Xing sped along on his horse. Behind his white-robed figure was a troop of the Forbidden Army’s cavalry. The claymore in his hand shone with the faint luster of battle aura. Although the war horse was moving at a high speed, the sound of its hooves was not very loud. In terms of horsemanship, Feng Ji Xing was already able to become one with his horse, to the point where his skill could be called the best in the Empire. Continue reading