Status Update

It’s nearing finals week + crap ton of final projects.

Going on a short hiatus, will try to put up a new chapter tomorrow.

Further chapters will continue in a few weeks.


16 thoughts on “Status Update

  1. Its more like you’ve been in hiatus since nov. 5 though… well goodluck woth your finals and projects. Hope you do well


  2. so is your update speed like once a month? i started following you back in july/august for the alchemist god, but i totally forgot this even existed since i rarely see updates.


  3. IT reminds me, that on this time on the social media, its all about “The time has come!!!! : Finals!” and other memes… Well, I will not wish you luck, but honest work and good food :).


  4. Hey thanks for your hard work, I understand how tough classes are,and translating/editing.
    If you need an editor, I’d love to help out! Definitely ignore all the jerks talking about you being on break since nov 5. I’ve been following this since the beginning, and absolutely appreciate it.
    So work hard and study for your finals from another university student.
    I hope to hear back from you


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