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30 thoughts on “About

  1. umm just a question how do I see all the alchemist god posts you make T_T is there a table of contents somewhere?


  2. Heyo, thanks for putting in a categories tab to many sites don’t have a way to organize the posts well, I’m not sure if possible but if you were to put an option for date posted ascending/descending you could use that instead of a TOC but I dont know which would be easier.


  3. Hi, Please put up a donation box. Not everyone would like new options to donate so I think if you could put up a paypal donation box, we could donate much more easily. That said, your way of donation is also helpful for those who can do that . Hope you can consider my suggeston.


  4. Hi,
    TAG is a good novel, it’s a good choice you made there, but, no news for 2 months. If you have problems or issue IRL, please, add a news about it.

    Hope you to be back soon. Good luck!


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