The Alchemist God: Chapter 51 – A Powerful Challenger Approaches

Chapter 51 – A Powerful Challenger Approaches

“What are these idiots so excited about?”

With a look of disdain, the bearded Zhang Wei clenched his fists and shouted, “Since none of you Silver instructors want to take up the challenge, then let me be the first!”

His challenge took everyone by surprise.

Seeing this, Lin Mu Yu was wondering what exactly was so special about this Zhang Wei.

From afar, Ziling shouted to him, “Be careful Lin Zhi. Zhang Wei hits really hard and his personality is a bit cruel. He almost broke several of my ribs last time we sparred!”

Zhang Wei barked loudly, “Shut your trap, you trash. Next time I’ll break your teeth. Let’s see how you’ll eat then!”

That threat immediately shut Ziling up. The whole temple knew that Mustache Zhang always keeps his promise.


Zhang Wei slowly walked with a deep smile on his face onto the center of the stage, every step leaving behind a flaming footprint. No one knew when exactly he called forth his spirit, but flaming energy wrapped tightly around his body while the shape of a flaming bear appeared atop his head.

With a smirk, he declared, “Name is Zhang Wei, Level 58 Battle Saint, Tier 4 spirit Flame Bear. Prepare yourself, kid!”

Lin Mu Yu didn’t dare to be careless. Ebony Scale and Dragon’s Rampart quickly gathered before him. He knew that he could only rely on static defense to hold off against Zhang Wei, because using Starfall Steps to evade attacks would betray the meaning of this test.


With a shout, Zhang Wei threw out a straight punch coated in roaring flames!


The gourd wall shook on impact, while Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help but take several steps back. With a hint of alarm on his face, he was quite surprised that despite Mustache Zhang looking like a dumb brute, Zhang’s strength was nothing to joke about. Small cracks had already appeared on the Ebony Scale, so he quickly repaired it with energy. At the same time, he readied himself for the next attack.

Without stopping, Zhang Wei continued with another punch. After the second hit, Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help but gripe in his mind: What a powerful punch strength!

As he thought to himself, Lin Mu Yu immediately shifted his weight so that he could use another side of the gourd wall to deflect the attack.

However, Zhang Wei was quick on his punches as well. With refined skill, he threw out a wider punch and still hit dead center on the gourd wall!


The punch left Lin Mu Yu’s chest flushed with violent, rampaging energy. Lin Mu Yu had to channeled his own energy in order to calm the rising pressure, and quickly followed up by forming two plates of Verdant Shell on top on himself.

By stacking together both energy plates in front of his chest, along with the Ebony Scale and Dragon’s Rampart from before, Lin Mu Yu created a quadruple layer of defense against the next strike!


The observant Lei Hong couldn’t help but be startled at the sight. Grasping his white beard, he chuckled, “How interesting… Is that not one of Qu Chu’s little tricks… Verdant Shell?”


*Booom Boom Boooom…*

Zhang Wei’s unrelenting strikes continued without a miss. However, of the dozen or so punches he tossed out, most had been completely blocked by the gourd wall.

Instead, the counter bite from the gourd wall left his arms trembling with numbness, thus greatly reducing the speed at which his punches are thrown.  

On the other hand, Lin Mu Yu clenched his teeth as he endured the pain enveloping his body and continued supplying energy into the four layers of defense.

Just like this, he was able to stall for one whole minute!

Lei Hong put up his hand and announced, “Enough. You can withdraw now, Zhang Wei. Lin Mu Yu has already passed the first silver challenge. Rest for ten minutes and we shall continue with the second.”

“Thank you, Headmaster…”

With heavy breaths and a flushed-red face, Lin Mu Yu thought to himself that Mustache Zhang’s punches were seriously too savage, so much so that he was not sure how much longer he would be able to withstand more of it.

But Zhang Wei’s view of this kid had changed completely. Walking up to Lin Mu Yu and giving him a light pat on the back, Zhang Wei laughed, “Haha, nice job, kid. I can’t wait to fight you some more if we get a chance in the future!”

Lin Mu Yu nodded immediately, “Of course, I want to learn more about your punching style too!”

“Haha, no problem at all!”


Once Zhang Wei lost, another silver instructor was ready to leap on the stage.

“It’s my turn!” Lei Ying announced as he picked up the saber at his side. In his head, he plotted to use this chance to get rid of Lin Mu Yu, who humiliated him in the cafeteria a day before.

Lin Mu Yu naturally understood his intentions, but responded with a sneer. This Lei Ying was but a level 52 Battle Saint, whose strengths are far below that of Zhang Wei. With all four layers of defense ready, Lin Mu Yu hoped to quickly deal with the pest at hand.

With a loud cry, Lei Ying leapt up into the air before he slashed down with a titanic force.

Not wanting to waste too much energy or stamina on this guy, Lin Mu Yu put both of his hands to use. With his right, he materialized the four layers of defense. At the same time, he portioned out twenty percent of his strength into a single Sonic Punch.


As expected, the four layers of defense instantly shook off the opponent’s attack. Meanwhile, the Sonic Punch struck down with a silent impact onto Lei Ying’s abdomen.

No one could have imagined that, instead of keeping his balance in the air, Lei Ying fell down to the ground like a dead pig. Holding his abdomen, he cried out in distress.

“Instructor Lei Ying is defeated! Trainer Lin Zhi is victorious!”

As Lei Hong stood to announce the victor, a faint smile flashed on his face. There was no way Lin Mu Yu’s little trick had escaped his eyes, but Lei Hong was actually quite pleased with the choice. One must not be too naive, or else one might suffer at the hands of the vile in this cruel and complicated world.

As such, Lei Hong continued, “After two straight wins against silver instructors, Lin Zhi is allowed to directly challenge gold instructors. We’ll begin the next challenge after ten minutes!”

“Thank you, Headmaster!”

Lin Mu Yu turned to give him a grateful smile. After all, he needed all the time he can get to regain his energy.


Then, a finely-dressed young man stepped out of the crowd. Zeng Fan bowed at Lei Hong before asking, “Headmaster, there are only two gold instructors remaining at the temple. One is currently resting from his wounds, so the only one who can fight is Zheng Sanghe. I, Zeng Fan, request permission to challenge Lin Mu Yu as a gold instructor.”

Startled, Lei Hong replied, “Zeng Fan, you are one of the twelve masters and not a gold instructor anymore. Moreover, since Zheng Sanghe is still here, then it would be just fine to have him fight.”

“But…” Zeng Fan hesitated as if he wanted to say something.

“But what?” Lei Hong retorted.

Zeng Fan didn’t dare to contradict the decision of the headmaster. He glared at Lin Mu Yu and shut himself up.


On the other side, Lin Mu Yu was confused at why this Zeng Fan hates him so much, ever since the first day up to now.

Unaware, Ziling congratulated Lin Mu Yu with glee, “Congratulation Lin Zhi. You’ll probably have the seat of the gold trainer in the palm of your hand now!”

“Oh? how so?”

“Zheng Sanghe is the only gold instructor that stayed in the temple today. A level 61 Sky Master, but worry not. He is trained in the style of heavy defense, even his spirit is a black tortoise. Even though he is quite skilled at defense, his offensive strength is mediocre. With your strength, you’ll definitely be able to hold off Zheng Sanghe’s attacks. Good luck!”

“Oh… good….” Lin Mu Yu became more at ease upon hearing the good news.

A short while later, the only gold instructor walked out onto the stage. Zheng Sanghe was a middle-aged fellow whose face was as black as coal. Holding a broad-bladed cutlass on one hand and a pitch-black iron shield on the other, he sneered, “Kid, ready yourself and let me experience your defense!”

Lin Zhi nodded.

But Zheng Sanghe gave a carefree wave with his hand, “If I’m using a weapon while you don’t, wouldn’t this look too much like bullying? How about this, we can both attack each other. As long as you can hold on for one whole minute, then it is your win. How does that sound?”

“Thank you then!”

Lin Mu Yu immediately walked to the side of the stage and pulled out Prairie Fire from his bag. The sight of the sword startled Zheng Sanghe, “Oh? That’s a… spirited weapon?”

“Yes. If you are feeling regret now, then I won’t use it.”

“Hahaha…” He laughed heartily, “What kind of man do you think I am? Try your best!”



With a shout, Zheng Sanghe activated his martial spirit. Faint energy wrapped around his body before finally shaping into turtle shell plates. The faint shape of a tortoise head slowly wrapped around his shoulders, giving him an aura of an unmovable mountain. His shield shrone with the luster of force energy while his cutlass struck down at Lin Mu Yu.


As expected, the four layered defense blocked Zheng Sanghe’s attack, but Lin Mu Yu only needed sixty percent of its usual strength. Immediately stepping to Zheng Sanghe’s side, he slashed down with a Lightning Chop.


Lightning crossed the iron shield and left a centimeter deep scratch. Zheng Sanghe couldn’t help but be surprised. In his head, he thought to himself: what in heaven is that sword? How is it this sharp?

But Lin Mu Yu’s assault clearly couldn’t break through the defense. Furthermore, Zheng Sanghe’s perfect defense was air-tight, so no matter how he attacked, he was unable to hit a vital.

Almost every sword swing was deflected by the iron shield. This made Lin Mu Yu look on with amazement as well: With such a defense power, it’s quite a shame that he isn’t a gold trainer instead!

One minute quickly passed. Lei Hong opened his arms and laughed, “Passed. Lin Zhi successfully promoted to Gold trainer!”

But then, Zeng Fan appealed, “Headmaster, Lin Zhi only defeated one gold instructor. Isn’t this too hasty of a decision? Moreover, with Headmaster acting in his favor this way, I can’t help but worry that it will create suspicion in others’ eyes. I hope Headmaster will act with more fairness!”

With an annoyed look on his face, Lei Hong asked, “Master Zeng Fan, what is your point?”

“I want to challenge Lin Zhi as a gold instructor. If he is able to win, only then is he truly worthy of the title Gold Trainer!”

“Alright then.”

Lei Hong’s eyes shined with a cold light as he answered, “One minute. If you are unable to defeat him, then Lin Zhi shall be the temple’s chief trainer.”



Strolling onto the training arena, Zeng Fan gracefully held his jian at his side. His martial spirit appeared faintly around his body, slowly materializing into the shape of a towering pagoda. An especially stern and sincere aura steadily filled the arena.

Looking straight at Zeng Fan, Lin Mu Yu asked, “When did I ever offend you?”

Zeng Fan laughed heartlessly while his expression changed to one of sinisterness. Walking closer to Lin Mu Yu, he whispered,

“Gourd spirit, Lightning Chop, Sonic Punch, along with that Prairie Fire sword in your hand…

Did you think that, because these idiots can’t figure it out, I wouldn’t notice that you are the imperial fugitive, Lin Mu Yu?

You killed my older brother Hua Wan, but still dares to give up your life by coming to the Capital?

But none of this matters, because I won’t give you up to the authorities.

Instead, I will slaughter you with my own hands!

Because to me, killing you is as easy as crushing an ant under my feet!”


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    • Don’t hold your breath, my guess is that he’s just releasing every now and then so it doesn’t get dropped and someone else picks it up. (the whole 90 day no release thing they have going)


  1. What I don’t get is how they think dividing people into trainer an instructor is a good thing? I get they are hazing the weaker people by making them the trainers, but being an instructor and not learning how to defend themselves is not smart. Does no seem like a well run, powerful place to me.

    Thanks for the chapter!


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