The Alchemist God [TAG]


The number one player Lin Mu Yu failed to log off after he deleted his character, only to find himself mysteriously transported to another world. As a master alchemist who carried the title of the War God, he entered this chaotic world like a wild dragon crossing the sea. Crafting exquisite alchemy concoctions, training an ultimate martial spirit, learning masterpiece secret arts. He will shock this world!

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MangaUpdate Page: Let me know what you think of the novel so far, be it a comment towards the novel or my translation.


84 thoughts on “The Alchemist God [TAG]

  1. For those who haven’t figured out the release rate yet, it looks like it’s weekends only with approximately 2 releases per weekend. The translator also mentioned the releases are done in his free time and there is no schedule so don’t count on releases weekly.

    That said the 2 releases a week has been pretty reliable so far, although they may not always be TAG releases

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  2. This is just my opinion, but isn’t the author forcing the situation upon his mc without logically thinking about the situation?

    like forcing the mc into going to that new world with only 3 skills and even more so giving him a ‘sealed’ body?

    Sure, things like that happen but its an important part of the story, why did he even delete all his skills if hes going to delete his character?

    thats my problem here, the author forcibly created the situation without any logical explanation so i cant help but always view this mc as fucking stupid everytime he gets bullied or someone he cares gets bullied.

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    • no it isnt illogical… i also deleted character before and i generally wipe them clean before, destroying everything etc


    • It could be that he was burning his bridges like ed and Al in fma to show their resolve like he was quitting the game for real life so he made it so that he couldn’t go back


    • Done the same with my characters, my brother does it too. It just feels like a more complete goodbye when you say goodbye to every individual trait or item rather than just deleting the whole character in one go


  3. Awesome storyline many thanks to the ones who translate much appreciated!!!!
    Only have one thing to comment!



  4. i hope you could translate faster ,, this read is very interesting ,, im very looking forward to every chapter you release


  5. Is that the end of book one then? or has everyone dropped TAG? Because everywhere i look its up to chapter 30 and it looks like you were doing a chapter a day.

    If there’s a donation tab can someone help me find it as well.


  6. After reading the latest chapters, I think I’m starting to think that “Alchemist God” is a bit too limiting of a translation of this title. In full, the series is 煉神領域, which is more like “The Refining God’s Domain”.

    If we look at the author’s description of the series, it includes the following lines: “炼制极品灵药、炼化终极武魂、觉醒旷世绝学,天下震惊!” Notice the two distinct usages of 煉. Furthermore, while early on, the series focused on alchemy (煉藥), more recently, we find that he is mastering many more crafts than just alchemy, again implied by the intro (觉醒旷世绝学).

    If we factor in that refining (炼器术) is one of the three skills that he was unable to delete, then I think it’s meant to imply that our protagonist is a “god” of far more than just alchemy – he’s basically a god of crafting.


    • Yeah, the biggest problem with changing the title at this point is just the fact that it will confuse some people. Luckily it’s still early, so I’ll see what I can do about it.


      • Yeah, I definitely feel for you. With that said, people seem really receptive of the Chinese explanation posts on Wuxiaworld. I think readers would actually enjoy getting some insight into why translating this title is tricky. Plus, it’s hardly your fault the author decided to suddenly spring two new types of crafting on us in the last handful of chapters.


  7. Hi there Ryu,

    I’ve been enjoying your translation then trying to MT the following chapters to the vip ones (i so want to know when i’m interested in something). how can one such as myself become vip when he does not understand what’s on the screen . . .


    • Ok, first you need to make a 17k account at: []

      The first box asks for your email address.
      The second your username.
      Then the third your password.

      The thing below that is just a anti-bot minigame of sorts.


    • What is needed after this ? i’m stuck after the account is created…
      I wonder why they did not make a localized web site…


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