Table of Contents [TAG]

Chapter Listing

    1. Prologue
    2. Seven Luminary Demon King
    3. The Beauty Chu Yao
    4. Peeling Off a Virgin’s Clothes Is Easier than Peeling Steel-Tipped Grass
    5. I Only Do First Tier Medicine
    6. A 121-Year-Old Black Steel Tree
    7. Seven Start Forest
    8. The Ultimate Escape
    9. The Swift Youth Who Ran a Tiger King to Death
    10. A Double Whammy of Disasters When the Swift Wolf Appears
    11. First Star Mortal Turmoil
    12. Heaven Sealed Physique
    13. Getting First Place
    14. Challenging a Stronger Opponent
    15. Silver Needle Technique
    16. Violet Essence
    17. Relic of a Champion
    18. Flesh Eater and Stranglethorn
    19. It Also Tastes Great
    20. Lightning Chop
    21. A Level 17 Misfit Heroically Saves the Fair Maiden
    22. The Six Millennial Ebony Turtle
    23. Rainbow Lotus
    24. Peak of Dreams
    25. The Young Lord’s Flaunting of Power
    26. Prepare to Pay the Price If You Dare to Agitate a Dragon’s Weak Point!
    27. Iron Badge of Tang
    28. Xiang Xiang and Sonic Blade
    29. Wind Sword Style
    30. Level 30 Battle Adept
    31. Chu Feng’s Death
    32. The Past Turns Into Ash
    33. Xiang Xiang’s Determination
    34. Formless Net
    35. Fire Fox’s Sneak Attack
    36. A Weakling’s Counterattack
    37. Noxious Cockscomb
    38. Venomous Spray
    39. This World Is Filled With Plots!
    40. Lei Bai Zhan’s Feather Mail
    41. Mercenaries Are But Wolves
    42. Wolves’ Pursuit
    43. Brothers
    44. One Against Two
    45. The Conflicted Tang Xiao Xi
    46. Fantastic Kill Steal
    47. Feng Ji Xing (Wind)
    48. Chu Huai Dian (Lightning)
    49. Sparring Trainer
    50. Silver Star Trainer
    51. Rank Placement
    52. A Powerful Challenger Approaches
    53. The Great Imperial General