The Alchemist God: Chapter 46 – Feng Ji Xing (Wind)

Chapter 46 – Feng Ji Xing (Wind)

Steaming flames arose from the corpse of the fan dragon and collected into a pool of energy in the air. This 3200 years old beast spirit was the most valuable essence of the fan dragon.

“Ah Yu, now!” Continue reading


The Alchemist God: Chapter 45 – Fantastic Kill Steal

Chapter 45 – Fantastic Kill Steal

Dragon Seeker Forest – a patch of dense woods surrounding the whole Capital Lanyan City. Spirit beasts of all shapes and sizes roam freely within it. According to legends, someone had once found a spirit beast of one hundred thousand years old, an existence that only a God realm practitioner could possibly handle, but this was still just a legend. To this day, the Imperial army continue to patrol and protect the surrounding area, preventing civilian entry. One reason was to protect the safety of civilians, the other was that the rich resources and spirit beasts would all belong to royal or noble use. Continue reading

The Alchemist God: Chapter 44 – The Conflicted Tang Xiao Xi

Chapter 44 – The Conflicted Tang Xiao Xi


Song Bafu crashed onto the floor like a pile of tofu. The talks of treasures and gold were all things of the past, because all that was on his mind was the thought of staying alive. In his blurry vision, he saw that his twin brother was already lying dead still on the ground with a bloody hole in his chest. Continue reading

The Alchemist God: Chapter 41 – Wolves’ Pursuit

Chapter 41: Wolves’ Pursuit


Seeing that two of his men had been killed, Xing Lan flew out in rage. A flowing ice aura spiraled onto the tip of his spear as his entire body entered the extreme chill domain. His martial spirit was an Ice Beast, which in conjunction with his ice elemental training, caused his temperament to become cold as ice. Right now, it was as if he himself had turned into an icy spear as he charged straight at Lin Mu Yu. Continue reading