Hao’s Million Dollar Wife

Title: 独家密爱:风少的亿万新娘

Author: 寂静深深

For revenge, she met him; but he pampered her to extremes. Seven hundred days, she did not know what “like” is, he did not know what “love” is…

One morning, a child looked at a couple talking and laughing before her. The child shouted, “Papa, is that Mama?” “You were just imagining things.” As the man carried the child on his arm, he silently pulled out his cellphone.

One midnight in a dark presidential suite, a woman’s scream was heard: “Who are you?” A man coldly laughed, “My sweetheart, who would you say I am?”


Some people, once met for the first time, will stay in your mind forever.

Some emotions, once started, will keep flowing out like an unstoppable flood.

Raw: 风少的亿万新娘