The Alchemist God: Chapter 46 – Feng Ji Xing (Wind)

Chapter 46 – Feng Ji Xing (Wind)

Steaming flames arose from the corpse of the fan dragon and collected into a pool of energy in the air. This 3200 years old beast spirit was the most valuable essence of the fan dragon.

“Ah Yu, now!”


Lin Mu Yu quickly called out his gourd. The scarlet gourd quickly grew in size as it began to furiously absorb the fan dragon’s spirit. At the same time, Lin Mu Yu summoned the Refining Cauldron, which materialized in an energy form and enveloped both man and martial spirit within it. The system fairy Lulu also appeared, flapping her transparent wings, she laughed, “Big bro, it won’t be easy if you want to completely refine this beast spirit. You still need sufficient water to cool down the fan dragon’s wild flames.”

“Oh.” Lin Mu Yu turned to his side and called out to Chu Yao, “Sis, could you get me a bit of water?”

“Got it!”

Chu Yao immediately grabbed the waterskin and left for the stream that they passed a short while ago. Ten minutes later, she returned and poured out the contents of the waterskin into the energy cauldron that was floating in the air. Surprisingly, she saw that the water seemingly moved with the wind, and was slowly being evaporated by an unknown heat source. Chu Yao was quite curious and intrigued, because though she’s seen people refine beast spirits before, none had ever used Lin Mu Yu’s method.

As the water continued to the cool the raging heat within the beast spirit, Lin Mu Yu opened his arm and manipulated his true energy into a large energy hand. The large hand sifted through the beast spirit as he tried to find the purest essence that could possibly give him and new spirit beast technique.

After about 20 minutes, he finally arrived at an especially pure and dense beast spirit. Lin Mu Yu faced an extremely strong retaliation when he attempted to catch the spirit, so not long after, his forehead was already drenched in sweat. However, he still didn’t give up. After near 5 minutes of wrestling with the spirit, that surge of power finally flew into the cauldron as obediently as a dog.


Taking in a deep breath, Lin Mu Yu finally opened his eyes. The Refining Cauldron dissipated into puffs of smoke. This fan dragon’s spirit had already been completely refined by him, and had also given him a new ability.

“Congratulations, big bro. This ability is transforming dragon scales into a shield wall. What do you plan on calling this skill?” Lulu asked with a bright smile.

“Let’s call it Dragon’s Rampart then!”


At this moment, the gourd had turned into a bright orange color. When Lin Mu Yu gave a low call, a wave of dense dragon power quickly filled the gourd wall, and began to form a layer of orange scales onto the wall. This was Dragon’s Rampart at work. This signified that Lin Mu Yu’s defensive power increased another fold. His enemies will now have to first shatter the Ebony Scale, then break through the Dragon’s Rampart before they could actually hurt Lin Mu Yu’s body. Furthermore, this dragon power seemed quite dense and sturdy, so much so that its defense was clearly much stronger than that of Ebony Scale!

At the same time, he took another deep breath. After raising his energy, he clenched his fist and felt a strangely power slowly collecting on his arm. That energy then formed into a patch of energy shield that protected his right arm.

Chu Yao yelled happily in surprise, “It’s an energy shield! Congratulations, Ah Yu. You’ve just broken into Earth realm’s third stage. You should be a level 50 Battle Saint now!”

Lin Mu Yu was also smiling happily. This luck came too suddenly. If this fan dragon was not wounded ahead of time, perhaps he would never have had a chance to defeat it. The more probable outcome would have been him becoming the dragon’s meal!


Right at that moment, the sound of hooves arrived from the distance. He could only see a general in golden armor charging at his location with a claymore in hand. The man’s eyes remained on the corpse of the fan dragon.

Feng Ji Xing jumped off his horse. His expression was grave and serious, while his blade-gripping hand gripped even tighter on the handle.

“This fan dragon… was killed by you?” He looked coldly at Lin Mu Yu.

Lin Mu Yu’s gaze also became stern. He knew that the man before him definitely did not come in peace. The energy signature on the man seemed impossible to measure, as if this person’s energy was at a level that he could not observe. Walking up in front of Chu Yao, he said, “That’s right. I killed it. I refined the beast spirit as well.”

“Completely refined the spirit of a 3200 years old fan dragon?” Feng Ji Xing looked up at him and gave a cold laugh, “Not bad. Looks like you’re pretty lucky.”


“But, do you know who this spirit beast belongs to?” Feng Ji Xing’s expression changed as he continued, “To dare to poach her highness Yin’s prey, brat, you are truly not afraid of death!”

Lin Mu Yu had already pulled out Prairie Fire, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know that this spirit beast was wounded because of someone hunting it. However, if you want to kill me, it won’t be that easy.”

“Oh? Is that so?”

Feng Ji Xing smiled faintly. Milky-white energy slowly revolved around his claymore. The white cape behind him also began to move on its own. This type of white cape was made very skillfully. It looked familiar to Lin Mu Yu, but he couldn’t recall where he had seen it before.

It was Chu Yao who noticed the problem. She spoke with hints of fear, “White true energy… it’s fighting energy! Heavens, this person can use fighting energy. He’s a Heaven realm practitioner!”

White fighting energy was a symbol of strength. All practitioners must breakthrough into Heaven realm before they transform true energy into the stronger fighting energy. In the Qin Empire, those who could call about fighting energy were already able to place themselves among the strong.

Feng Ji Xing smirked as he calmly introduced himself, “Heaven realm level 64. Feng Ji Xing. Glad to experience your ability!”

Lin Mu Yu had already called out the gourd bulwark as he spoke, “Earth realm level 50. Lin Mu Yu. Hope to learn from the match!”

The difference was too great.

But he had no choice but to fight, because it was for himself and also for Chu Yao.


Ebony Scales began to gather inch by inch over the layers of Dragon’s Rampart. Lin Mu Yu sectioned off 80% of his true energy into defensive power. He didn’t plan on defeating the opponent before him at all. This person’s power rose so quickly that it was already starting to suffocate him. This was the first extremely powerful warrior that he’s met so far aside from Qu Chu!

After Feng Ji Xing infused his claymore with his intense fighting energy, he immediately slashed down as he dashed forward with movements that looked like shifting sands.

What he did not expect was that this kid before him would easily avoid him with a sidestep. That one movement looked like a meteor striking ground, so fast and accurate without any hints of hesitation.

Seeing this, he quickly turned around and swiped out with a horizontal slash.


The energy collision dissipated while Lin Mu Yu’s body shook from the force. Outer layers of Ebony Scales had instantly shattered, a result that sent a chill down his spine. This person’s strikes were seriously too fast, so fast that Starfall Steps couldn’t even completely avoid them. Furthermore, the attacks carried so much power that only a single hit was able to break the Ebony Scales!

*Boom* *Boom*

Following up with two more attacks, Feng Ji Xing’s unblockable blade fell right onto the Dragon’s Rampart. Lin Mu Yu felt as if his guts had been upturned by the attack, while the dragon scale rampart was slowly cracking apart piece by piece. He knew that his opponent’s next attack will definitely crush him, so he couldn’t continue without retaliation anymore!

“Binding Coils!”

Stomping his foot on the ground, rows of gourd vines speedily appeared and wrapped tightly around Feng Ji Xing’s legs.

“What’s this?”

Feng Ji Xing wondered in surprise, then a smile immediately crept onto his face. Channeling energy into his legs, he pulled his legs up off the ground as his fierce fighting energy quickly destroyed the gourd vines. However, right as he looked down, he saw a gourd flower pointed straight at him. A sense of foreboding appeared within him as he quickly swung his sword in a dance-like maneuver.

“Sword Dance!”

The blade danced with his movement, creating streams of violent wind that completely shook off the corrosive poison spray.

Before he could finish, Feng Ji Xing’s felt another chill in his heart when he heard a sharp whistling sound from his side, “How many secret techniques does this kid have?”

Quickly turning around, Feng Ji Xing fiercely swung his claymore to knock down the approaching Sonic Blade. With a metallic clang, he was able to deflect the throwing star away, but he felt a surprising numbness in his arm. His body fell with the force of gravity as he chopped down heavily at Lin Mu Yu’s shoulder.

Lin Mu Yu took a deep breath before immediately lifting his hand and performed a ranged Sonic Punch!


Sonic Punch’s energy scatter in the air, but Feng Ji Xing only felt a slight bit of discomfort over his chest. An attack of this strength was not enough to harm his well-trained body!


The claymore collided with Prairie Fire, and instantly Lin Mu Yu lost composure of his energy. Fresh blood spilled out of his mouth as he was forced to take several steps back!

He had lost this time, and it was a complete defeat!

Feng Ji Xing’s strength completely overwhelmed him to the point that he didn’t have a chance at all. In truth, Lin Mu Yu also realized that from the start to the end, Feng Ji Xing did not call out his martial spirit even once. If Feng Ji Xing had summoned his spirit to aid him in combat, Lin Mu Yu imagined that he would probably have lost in a single attack!


Chu Yao quickly dashed forward and stood in front of Lin Mu Yu. Opening her arms to block Feng Ji Xing’s way, there was not a hint of fear in her eyes as she said, “Feng Ji Xing, if you want to kill Ah Yu, then you’ll have to kill me first!”


Then a surprising scene happened before them.

Feng Ji Xing cooly sheathed his weapon while a bright smile appeared on his face, “I, Feng Ji Xing, am the Commanding General of the Imperial Forbidden Army, and one of the seven White-Robed Royal Guards. I am a man known to uphold justice to the death, so how could I kill the innocent? Furthermore… Chu Yao, you’re Chu Huai Dian’s sister. If I really were to kill you, then that kid would definitely be at my doorstep!”

Chu Yao stared with astonished eyes, “How… how do you know my big brother?”

Feng Ji Xing laughed, “Chu Huai Dian is now one of the 200 Royal Guards, as well as one of the top practitioners of the bunch, so how could I not know him? He is too focused in training and cultivation that he did not remember to keep in contact with his family. Now that he is serving in the Royal Palace, perhaps he did not even know of your misfortunes. Otherwise, with his personality, he would be worried sick right now.”

As he spoke, Feng Ji Xing looked at Lin Mu Yu and continued, “Ah Yu, your skills are definitely not too shabby. To have this level of cultivation at your age is almost miraculous. It’s also thanks to you that Chu Yao could live to arrive at Lanyan City!”

Lin Mu Yu took a deep breath as he gratefully replied, “Thank you, big brother Feng for the kindness of sparing my life!”

Feng Ji Xing smiled heartily, “I can’t just go and kill someone who called me ‘big bro’ now, especially not someone who could be a future talent of the Empire, right?”

Lin Mu Yu was about to speak again, but it was as if Feng Ji Xing had already known everything. He comforted, “Don’t worry about it. I’ll send my men to bring you two into the Capital and will prepare everything for you. As for the matters in Silver Fir, I’d already sent a friend to investigate the situation three days ago. The truth will emerge when the fog clears, so we’ll be able to clear you two of any false crimes placed on your heads!”

This time Lin Mu Yu was truly moved. He nodded energetically, “Thank you so much, big brother Feng!”

Feng Ji Xing looked around and said, “We must not stay in this place for long. Bring these two back to the Capital and have them lodge at White Cloud Inn. Treat them well and don’t let them suffer any more! Naturally I’ll go look for them when I get back to the Capital.”

“Yes sir!”

Of the men who accompanied Feng Ji Xing, a general nodded and said to Lin Mu Yu, “Young warrior, please follow me. We’ll head back to the Capital via small paths!”



When Lin Mu Yu and the group left, Feng Ji Xing finally took out his combat knife and slashed open the fan dragon’s head. Pulling out the bloody spirit stone from within, he laughed, “At least I’ll have something to hand back to her majesty Yin… *sigh* That idiot Ah Yu. Of all people to steal a spirit beast from, he just had to go and kill steal Princess Yin’s prey. If her majesty finds out the truth, then she will most definitely make his life hell…”

He shook his head frustratingly and slipped the spirit stone into his pocket as he mumbled, “Chu Huai Dian, kid you owe me another favor now. It’s about time that you treat me to some drinks again. This time I’m going to order only the most expensive kinds. Hmph, I’m going to think of it as payback for last time, when you ran away from the bill by pretending to be drunk!”

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