The Alchemist God: Chapter 39 – Lei Bai Zhan’s Feather Mail

Chapter 39 – Lei Bai Zhan’s Feather Mail


The poisonous acid fell upon Ye Liang in the form of rain and began to corrode his body. In the blink of an eye, Ye Liang had became a horrific mess of flesh and blood.

Ye Liang was wrong to be so overconfident. He thought that he was certain to take on Lin Mu Yu’s counterattack with his sword skill, so he did not allocate any energy into reforming his energy armor. He could have never imagined that Lin Mu Yu’s martial spirit would have a skill like Toxic Spray. In the split second after being covered in the acid, his skin began to rapidly deteriorate. His once handsome countenance was now horrifically deformed.

“I’m going to kill you!”

He shouted in anger as his voice turned hoarse. Using sound to orientate himself, flames collected onto his sword. Even though the acid did a number on him, Ye Liang’s strength was still that of a Battle Saint. In comparison, Lin Mu Yu’s breathing had already become extremely weak. He was quickly approaching his body’s limit with the hole in his chest. His feet felt heavy as if they were filled with lead as he could not even use Starfall Steps anymore. As such, Lin Mu Yu could do nothing more than lifting his sword to block Ye Liang’s imposing attack.


With a brittle crack, the steel sword was snapped in half. In Ye Liang’s hand was a rare sword, while Lin Mu Yu just had a mercenary’s high-quality steel sword. Without a pause, the flame red sword quickly continued to cut down onto Lin Mu Yu. With a flesh-tearing sound, the blade cut straight into Lin Mu Yu’s shoulder. Flesh and blood parted from the wound as Lin Mu Yu fell on one knee. Clenching his teeth, he grabbed the blade with his bare hands and tried his hardest as to stop the sword from cutting down any further. Otherwise, the injury might end up affecting the ligaments and bones.

“Still not dead!?”

Ye Liang laughed maliciously and channeled energy to push down on his sword. Right at that moment, a dizzy spell suddenly drifted into his head.

Finally, Intoxicating Breeze took effect!

“What’s happening?”

Ye Liang frantically shook his head, but the fainting feeling only became stronger. He aimed his feet at Lin Mu Yu’s chest, and kicked Lin Mu Yu into the bushes.

“I want you to die!”

Ye Liang limped towards the bushes where Lin Mu Yu was at. At the same time, he kept shaking his head. His line of sight was affected by the poison, so he no longer able to see.

In that split second, two silver needles shot into the acupuncture points in Ye Liang’s chest. Immediately, he was not able to move even a slight bit.

In the light of flames, Chu Yao sprinted out and grabbed Ye Liang’s sword. With a single turn, she slashed out with a returning strike!


Blood splattered forth as Ye Liang of the Seven Martial Saints…

Fell alongside his separated head!


“Ah Yu… Ah Yu…”

Chu Yao speedily rushed to the bloodsoaked Lin Mu Yu. Tears fell like the rain onto Lin Mu Yu as Chu Yao hugged him, “Ah Yu, are you ok?”

Lin Mu Yu slowly opened his eyes and asked weakly, “Ye Liang…”

“He’s dead.”

“Good!” He spoke with difficulty as a hint of a smile appeared on his face. “Chu Yao, I can’t hold on any longer. Quickly… Use your needle to seal my acupuncture points and staunch my bleeding. Then…use the my healing potion to heal my internal injuries, or else I might really die like this…”


Chu Yao immediately placed him on the ground and took out her needles. In accordance with the Staunching technique from medical charts that Qu Chu gave her, Chu Yao sealed one point after another and quickly stopped the bleeding. Afterward, she took out Lin Mu Yu’s tier one healing potion and poured it over his injuries. However, the chest wound left by the arrow was truly too severe, so whether he could survive was still up in the air.

Chu Yao’s thoughts were in a whirl as she hugged Lin Mu Yu and drank her tears in the dark of the night.

The starlight fell upon the hills. This young pair had continuously been experiencing life and death, almost as if there was no end in sight. The devil’s claws continued to dance in the dark of the night, while this world’s justice had seemingly fell into a deep slumber.


For the whole night, Chu Yao did not sleep at all, and continued to restlessly treat the wounded Lin Mu Yu.

In the wee hours of morning, Lin Mu Yu finally fell asleep as the bleeding from his wounds had finally stopped. He had made many tier one healing potions not long ago, but he would have never imagined that those potions would save his own life.

At noon of the next day, he finally woke up and opened his eyes.

“Ah Yu…”

Seeing that he had opened his eyes, Chu Yao immediately began to bawl her eyes out. The fact that he woke up means that he had survived.

Lin Mu Yu lay powerlessly in the bushes and used inner-sight to observe his injuries. Under the effect of the healing potion, the punctured lung had basically began to heal. This whole process took an entire night, but it only took so long because he had been unconscious. Now that he was awake, he aroused the energy in his body and started to self-heal.

After drinking some meat stew, he finally recovered some strength. The green gourd was also unceasingly generating energy for his use. Seeing more color on Lin Mu Yu’s face, Chu Yao finally turned her tears into laughter.

When night finally fell several hours later, Lin Mu Yu was able to stand and walk. After all, he was someone of Earth realm’s 2nd stage, so he should have this kind of powerful recovery capability.

A sword lay between the bushes. It was glowing with a faint fire aura, as it was Ye Liang’s sword.

“Heh, it’s all this thing’s fault!”

Chu Yao spoke angrily, “If not for this sword, then Ah Yu would have never been this gravely wounded!”

As she spoke, she grabbed hold of the sword and was about to smash it onto a large rock.

Oh boy, this senior of mine is seriously too willful.

Lin Mu Yu was between laughter and tears as he quickly said, “Hold on, Chu Yao. Leave the sword for me, since my sword had been broken by it anyway. This sword is probably of some value, or else it couldn’t possibly have broken my sword in one strike.”

“Aye.” Chu Yao handed the sword over.

As Lin Mu Yu lightly touched the blade, a faint warmth crept into his finger. The blade was shaped very simply, but two words were carved near the handle: Prairie Fire. It must be the sword’s name. Thinking back to the flames that appeared when the sword was swung, it was quite fitting. He couldn’t help but chuckle, “Prairie Fire, good name… I guess this sword will be mine?”

Chu Yao giggled, “All yours. You can have whatever you want!”

Lin Mu Yu smiled and continued, “I recall that Ye Liang came on horseback. Where did that steed go?”

“I caught it and tied it to a tree in the thicket.”

“Good, we’ll have a mount. That horse looked to be quite vigorous, so it is probably strong enough to carry the two of us, right?”

Chu Yao cheeks flushed red as she thought about sharing a ride with him. She couldn’t help but fantasize a little more, but still nodded, “Yeah, it should be able to. Do we have to go on horseback?”

“Yeah, or else I really don’t know when we’ll be able to reach Lanyan City.”

“Alright, sounds good too.”


Lin Mu Yu continued to heal himself until the dawn of the next day. A wandering mercenary came at midnight, but he was only a level 27 Battle Spirit. Chu Yao wounded him with her needles while Lin Mu Yu killed him with a Sonic Punch. The two did not leave any attacker alive, as they did not dare to be careless.

After eating breakfast, they hung their luggage on top of the horse. Chu Yao rode the horse while Lin Mu Yu sat behind her with Prairie Fire on his back. They only had this much valuables after everything. He even kept that rare engraved-bow. Sonic Blade’s range was just several tens of meters, but the bow could shoot at a range of hundreds of meters if one had strong enough arm strength!

In this world, riding and archery were both skills that a martial artist must excel at. This had already inspired Lin Mu Yu to start training in archery. Luckily, he was naturally gifted at learning, so he could probably obtain good results even if he were to be self-taught.

After obtaining a mount, their operations certainly sped up quite a bit, so much so that they could spur the horse into sprinting over flat plains. With this kind of speed, they should be able to reach the Imperial Capital Lanyan City’s territory in the next 3 to 5 days.


The two did not forget to keep training themselves on the road, even killing a spirit beast to help Chu Yao break into stage of a level 34 Battle Elder. In comparison, Lin Mu Yu’s progress was even faster, as he was almost at the stage of a level 45 Battle Master. On the whole, most opponents below that of a level 50 Battle Saint could easily be handled, for his multi-layered gourd spirit had 4 abilities, a feat rarely seen on this continent. Many opponents had suffered losses because of these spirit abilities. They had practically been toyed with in Lin Mu Yu’s palm.

Ca Ca…

A bird-call was heard in the air.

Lin Mu Yu looked up and saw that goshawk again. After its master died, this goshawk had been continued to follow the two.

Reaching for the engraved bow, Lin Mu Yu leapt off the horse and took out an arrow, “Foul fowl. It’s your fault for following us!”


As the bowstring sounded, the goshawk was punctured by the arrow and fell onto the distant bushes. Lin Mu Yu took a walk and found the poor bird. Smiling, he said, “Chu Yao, unfeather it and cook it for lunch. Hawk meat should taste pretty swell.”

Chu Yao covered her mouth as she chuckled, “Okay okay!”


Right then, another shrill bird call sounded in the air. A dark gray shape flew closer and closer.

Chu Yao squinted and said, “That’s a falcon. A carnivorous predator.”

Lin Mu Yu readied an arrow once more, “I’ll shoot it down. We can make two pots of soup!”

“Don’t be so hasty.”

Chu Yao chuckled, “This falcon doesn’t look like it is hostile. It is probably here to look for us. I’ve seen some people tame falcons as mail birds in Silver Fir, so perhaps this could be one?”

“Oh, is that right?”

While Lin Mu Yu looked with disbelief, this falcon sure enough landed on Chu Yao’s arm. A tiny bamboo tube was tied to its leg. After Chu Yao removed it, she took out a tiny slip of paper. “Ah Yu, this is for you!”

Someone actually sent a feather mail to me? This is quite strange. Who could it be?


Several rows of words were written cleanly on the slip of paper:

Young hero, treat this as if a meeting. I am Lei Bai Zhan of Hundred War Firm. I just learned of the young master’s disaster. Pity I have trouble freeing myself from my obligations, so I’m unable to lend the young master any help. However, if the young master would trust my words, you should be able to find a mercenary troop in Seven Star Forest’s Burning Wind Mountain. They named themselves the “Burning Wind Mercenaries” after the mountain. Their captain is a man by the name of Lei Qian Hai, my brother. When Qian Hai sees this letter, he will naturally understand my intentions, and will protect the young master on your journey.

Sincerely, take care.


Looking at the slip, Lin Mu Yu was a little moved. He and Chu Yao had fled into Seven Star Forest for so many days, but have not met a single true “human”. Lei Bai Zhan had really only met him once, but had already sent a feather mail for help. This was quite unexpected.

So merchants could also be this humane and righteous!


45 thoughts on “The Alchemist God: Chapter 39 – Lei Bai Zhan’s Feather Mail

  1. Thanks for the chapter. I don’t think it’s that the merchant is particularly humane or righteous. I think it’s that he’s seeing the dollar signs disappear if Mu Yu dies, because he’s far more valuable alive and well than captured and dead due to his ridiculous alchemy knowledge and prowess. What self-respecting merchant would let such a valuable ally/asset disappear so easily?

    Liked by 5 people

    • Could be a trap…. But I feel like it’s more likely that he’s interested in his ability to make ridiculously expensive potions. I mean, he only needs to work for a few days, and he could definitely make far more gold than his bounty is worth lol: assuming he has the ingredients of course.


      • Exactly. The merchant merely needs to provide ingredients and he can be fucking rich. He’d have to be stupid not to take advantage of how he can make massive amounts of money off of Lin Mu Yu.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I know exactly what you mean. The last sentence just sounds so suspicious. And don’t forget greed can make people stupid enough to focus on short term gain but I would prefer what you predicted. Also I think training with a mercenary company might further their battle experience. Which apparently they’ll both need for the foreseeable future.

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        • Yeah, idk, it always feels like these Xianxia always focus on “The weak defeating the strong.” Like seriously, I don’t even know how many times I’ve read an explanation as to why the MC could defeat his overpowered and overbearing enemies, while being significantly lower leveled or weaker… I feel like, the authors of these stories have never played MMO’s before lol Why would anyone go try to solo a lvl 30 elite, while they were only level 15 and had shitty gear? Just to prove that they could do it? Why don’t they just go reach level 30 first? lol (I’m using a metaphor obviously)


    • Merchants are perfectly trustworthy. Since they live for profits, it’s easy to understand their intentions. You see, MCs and merchants have a long history of being good business partners to each other. In fact many MCs are merchants at heart, some of them are official merchants even. For example, Weed and Naofumi are excellent merchants who specialize in extortion, milking every customer for all they’re worth without leaving even a single copper coin behind. Indeed, these two specifically have enlightened many other merchants to new ways of seeking profits. Truly, MCs and merchants hold an inextricable relationship that cannot be described with mere words! Merchants are MCs’ friends!
      Well, I hope my little rant brought some people a bit of amusement. 🙂


      • What he thought is the merchant is doing it out of the kindness of his heart. But, the merchant probably did a lot of research and took time to think of the pros and cons of protecting him. It doesn’t make him evil. Everyone gotta protect their own ass. It would be stupid not to. Then again this is not real life. It’s a world made out of the author’s imagination. It is up to him to change the rules as he like.


  2. “So merchants could also be this humane and righteous!” — end of chapter 39.
    “NOT!!! Bwahahahahah!!!” LMY laughed. — beginning of chapter 40 ???


    • it could be genuine, if the merchant calculate the profit of their continued collaboration to far exceed the value of his bounty.


  3. IT’S A TRAP! fuck merchants :). Thanks for the update Ryu. The only real ally LMY has atm is the Princess and LMY 3 day teacher lol I forgot his name. The Princess is looking for him with her search party hopefully she arrives right on time and saves LMY and Chu Yao ass.


  4. Did he just forget that this world is full of plots. Ha ha. Well LMY, his skill is valuable so he is a good asset. As some comment already mentioned, he’ll provide this merchat more money if he’s alive.


  5. Hmmm?

    Trap or not?

    On one hand, the merchant can try to have them killed and obtain the recipe book and have more people make the potions… While also getting on the mercenary’s good side by giving them the bounty.

    On the other hand, he could go against the government to aid him and get him to continue to sell him top class, unknown recipe potions which he can sell for huge profit without needing to find another alchemist who WONT take the book for himself…

    Take a risk and strain the relationship with a goldmine to get control of a book that can earn him millions?

    Or take a risk and go against the government and establish a friendly relationship for a stable supply of profit?

    If it were Weed, he’d consider it if he had a negative relationship or might try to swindle him if he can. If he can’t, he’ll take note of the treasure just in case but won’t fight him over it unless he becomes an enemy.

    As for Ark, he’ll make the trap and do anything to obtain the book for profits, regardless of relationship status. Especially if it’s a 100% drop rate. Only if the individual is friendly with his mother would he stop to consider… If he can get away with it annonimously, he will do it regardlessly.

    If it’s Naofumi, he won’t care at all and won’t help unless strictly necessary or he happens to be in the area… He might just try to get him to move into his village to get the profit indirectly instead of directly. Then strive to share his alchemy knowledge and make experiments together.


  6. thanks for the chapter~
    I feel like IT’S A TRAP. Unless the merchant sees him as a gold mine, they’ll live as producers of medicine until it is revealed that he is a friend of the princess.


  7. “The fact that he woke up means that he had survived.”
    I certainly wouldn’t have guessed. 🙂

    Also I felt that the battle this time lacked tension compared to his previous fights.

    Anyway, I enjoy the chapters and can’t wait for the next update


  8. “The fact that he woke up means that he had survived.”
    I would not have guessed. 🙂

    Also, I felt that the battle this time lacked tension.

    Anyway, can’t wait for the next release.


  9. Hahhaah mu mu don’t fall for the oldest trick in the book! For a game master who should have experienced a lot of these similar style quests hes a bit of a novice haha.
    Still tho mumu is too badass it burns


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