The Alchemist God: Chapter 37 – Venomous Spray

Chapter 37 – Venomous Spray

                                                       Guest Translator: Hiyono

“A Noxious Cockscomb…”

Since she had never seen a spirit of this species before, Chu Yao cautiously observed the strange flower from a distance.

On the other hand, Lin Mu Yu knew a little bit about this type of plant. Back in <Conquest>, he had once raided this golden tier boss with his party. There wasn’t much to Cockscomb, but its nasty ability of acid spitting was something that he would have to watch out for. The special traits of beast-spirits of this world seemed to parallel that of their <Conquest> counterparts, so perhaps this knowledge could be of use.

“Stay back for now, Chu Yao. I’ll go.”

Very carefully, Lin Mu Yu strode forward with his sword in hand. A 2000-year old spirit beast boasted a strength on par with a level 50 Battle Saint, so it would be best to avoid getting splashed by its venom.

“Ah Yu, be careful!”

Chu Yao pursed her lips. She watched him warily, but knew that she couldn’t be of any help. After all, his speed far surpassed her own, and the evasion ability of the Starfall Steps was something that even many other strong fighters could not compete with.


Although the Cockscomb was a plant, its maneuverability was nothing to look down on. It’s one-meter wide, flower-disc shaped “head” slowly rose up. Having already sensed the encroaching danger, it hissed like a venomous serpent. At the same time, the surrounding grass rustled as though something were squirming its way underground.

Naturally, those must be vines.

Lin Mu Yu was more than clear on this. He knew that the Cockscomb would hide their vines underground, and could break through the surface at any moment and entangle or pierce its victim. However, its flower disc would “shudder” in advance, perhaps because the strength powering its vines originated in the main body?

He fixed his gaze on the flower disc to watch for signs of movement as he walked steadily toward it. Several moments later, the Cockscomb shook and a noise came from below ground! Now!

Instantly activating the Starfall Steps, he dodged to the side as a vine covered with poisonous thorns emerged from below. He didn’t pause and continued moving at great speeds. Stretching out a hand, he pulled out the Sonic Blade from his back and hurled it. With a piercing whistle the Sonic Blade flew toward the Cockscomb’s flower disc, which was its command center, and thus also its weak point.

Bang Bang Bang

Having lived for two thousand years, the Cockscomb naturally knew to protect itself. A row of vines emerged from the ground to form a green bulwark, but the Sonic Blade pierced through, straight toward the Cockscomb’s flower disc, greenish fluid spraying through the air as it went.


Surprisingly, the Cockscomb howled like a small beast. Its flower disc suddenly opened wide and flame-red venom spurted forth, bombarding the Sonic Blade at lightning speed.


Green smoke rose from the Sonic Blade, as though it were being corroded.

Watching, Lin Mu Yu felt pained. This was a treasure given him by Qu Chu, the famed weapon of the distinguished General Feng Yi Cheng!

He unleashed a Sonic Punch which was blocked by countless vines. There was no helping it. Swinging around to the other side, he unleashed another Sonic Punch, this one landing on the Sonic Blade, sending it flying back to the right side. Holding his longsword aloft, he swiftly charged forward. Launching the “Cleave” technique of the Wind Sword style, his blade danced as it broke through the vine barrier!


Piece after piece, the vines flew into the air. As Lin Mu Yu broke through the third consecutive vine barrier, his steel sword had already begun to shine. Charged with lightning, it screeched as the sword tore through the air towards the flower disc. Lightning Chop!

Without giving him a chance to close the distance, the Cockscomb once more opened its ferocious mouth agape. Its flame-red venom spat forth with such incredible speed that it looked as if it was a sharp arrow!

Luckily, Lin Mu Yu was prepared for this. His left arm horizontal, his martial spirit emerged from his body, the Ebony Scale forming a wall before it!


The venom splashed against the wall created by his Gourd, instantly wounding the martial spirit. This liquid was far more than simple venom – it seemed to also possess a corrosive ability, so the Ebony Scale was melted in a flash. His martial spirit’s body wounded, Lin Mu Yu’s heart was thrown into disarray. Thankfully, at this moment, he heard something: the Sonic Blade was drawing close!

“Chu Yao, have your Violet Mink burn the vines with its fire breath!”

Immediately following his shout, a patch of flames came roaring in from outside. Chu Yao, from far off, had spread her arms and called forth her Violet Mink. The tiny beast had howled madly, spouting fire – this was also one of the Fire Fox’s handy techniques. Burned in this manner, the Cockscomb was unable to withstand the flames and shrieked in pain as its vines convulsed wildly.

An opening!

The Sonic Blade whistled over from behind, severing a part of its stalk. Lin Mu Yu seized this heaven-bestowed opportunity. With a burst of acceleration, he unleashed a Lightning Chop on the wounded part of its stalk. The cockscomb’s stalk’s toughness was every bit the equal of the Iron Pear Blossom, and thus one blow was unable to cut through. After three successive Lightning Chops, at last it was cut straight through the middle!

A storm of venomous fluid splashed outward. Lin Mu Yu hastily raised his arm and called forth his Green Gourd for protection. Hiding his entire frame behind the Gourd’s protective wall, he didn’t count himself safe until the venomous spray finally ceased. The Noxious Cockscomb had already collapsed to the ground in a heap of vegetation. It finally died as its beast-spirit floated out above it.

Chu Yao crept cautiously over. Seeing that Lin Mu Yu’s martial spirit was covered in venom, she couldn’t help but cry out, “Ah Yu, are you okay?”

“I’m fine.”

Lin Mu Yu frowned before breaking out into laughter, “Thank goodness we took that Focusing Powder beforehand, or else with all this venom around, we’d be vomiting non-stop!”

“Yeah. Anyway, hurry up and refine its spirit!”

“Got it!”

Not bothering to sit, he called forth his martial spirit as he stood. His Green Gourd began to frenziedly drink in the spirit of the Cockscomb, which was also a plant-type. At the same time, he summoned the Refining Cauldron. In the blink of an eye, radiant golden light filled their surroundings, enveloping even Chu Yao within its scope. She blinked and stared at the Refining Cauldron, dumbstruck.

“W…What is this?”

“It’s a vessel,” he answered briefly. Witnessing her blank look, he couldn’t help but laugh. “This is a vessel unique to me. It allows me to better refine a beast spirit to the extent that you could say it gives me a 100% chance to absorb the spirit’s special ability.”

“Eh?” Chu Yao’s jaw dropped. “S-so that’s why… No wonder every time your martial spirit has a breakthrough it gets an ability! Actually, the fact that I was able to get the Fire Fox’s ability is also because of your help, right?”

“Yep, that’s correct.” He didn’t bother hiding it. By this point, he and Chu Yao were life-and-death partners, and so there was no need for him to hide anything from her. That said, he, of course, did not explain that he had come here from a game world. He had no way to explain it, and even if he did, no way to explain it in a way that she’d understand. After all, he didn’t know how it had happened himself.

The refining process continued for nearly an hour by which point Lin Mu Yu had nearly refined the most violent part of this crazed beast’s essence – its venomous ability. As it slowly broke down, his Green Gourd suddenly began to change color. No longer was it a Green Gourd, but rather a carmine-colored Red Gourd.

Looking within his mental field, he noticed that the Red Gourd now contained an irritable venomous power – the root of its ability.

“Congratulations, big bro! Your Green Gourd has broken through to the fourth level and obtained the Cockscomb’s ability – Venomous Spray!”

Without his realizing it, the system fairy Lulu had appeared, though only Lin Mu Yu could see her. Laughing happily, she snuggled up against his shoulder and said, “Big bro, you’re getting stronger and stronger! I’m really happy for you, but having to camp out in the forest for so long is really too harsh on you. Those bad guys, chasing you down just for money… How despicable!”

Lin Mu Yu laughed, but didn’t comment. Lulu played for a while before once again returning back to his consciousness to rest. It was hard for her to manifest in this world, since it would consume a big chunk of energy everytime.

Standing up, he struck out with his fist and his energy shot out as streams of raging flames. Unhurriedly, he drew in a deep breath. Never before had he felt this at ease. It was as though his bones, flesh, and circulatory system had been tempered.

By his side, Chu Yao smiled and said, “Congratulations, Ah Yu: you’ve reached the Earth Realm Second Stage. You’re now a level 40 Battle Master!”

“Level 40, huh…”

A faint smile touched his lips. Thinking back, he’d once seen level 42 Hawkeye as an absolute existence, and yet now, before he’d realized it, he was level 40 himself. Moreover, his martial spirit’s power was far more pure. Adding in the Sonic Blade, Sonic Punch, and other unique skills, perhaps even two Hawkeyes at once would not be his match.

“Chu Yao, let’s go. There’s nothing left for us here.”

Lin Mu Yu lifted his sword and picked up his Sonic Blade. As he held it up, he noticed that it was still covered with venom. As such, he washed it in a nearby stream until it was completely clean. It shined brightly as if it hadn’t been harmed in the least by the venom! What a treasure indeed! No wonder it is called the famed weapon of Feng Yi Cheng.

Returning the Sonic Blade to his pouch, he and Chu Yao continued forward.

Not long after, a hawk suddenly called out from above them. Looking up, a goshawk was circling far above. Instantly, Lin Mu Yu’s heart sank and he couldn’t help but frown, though he said not a word.

Seeing this, Chu Yao smiled. “That goshawk is probably looking for food, right? It’s pretty common in the forest!”

“It’s just that…”

Nodding, Lin Mu Yu continued, “This isn’t the first time we’ve seen that goshawk.”

“Ah Yu, you mean…?”

“That’s right. Someone else has his eyes on us. We need to move!”


Looking up once again at the goshawk, he gritted his teeth. You damn bird. Better thank the heavens I don’t have a bow on me, or else… Actually, never mind. My archery’s nothing special; there’s no way I’d be able to hit something that high up. Forget it. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. If someone really does come after us, then it’ll be a fight to the death!


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