The Alchemist God: Chapter 31 – The Past Turns Into Ash

Chapter 31 – The Past Turns Into Ash

That night, Chu Yao stayed at Chu Feng’s mourning hall and cried all night.

Wang Ying, Luo Kai, and the other disciples had readied the coffin, and prepared for burial.


Chu Yao’s eyes were swollen and bloodshot. Lin Mu Yu wanted to comfort her, but did not know what to say. Chu Yao didn’t look like she needed the comfort of others either. When the first ray of light shined into the hall, Chu Yao took out her dagger and abruptly chopped off a lock of long hair.

“What are you doing, Chu Yao?” Lin Mu Yu asked in surprise.

Without another word, Chu Yao looked at Lin Mu Yu with teary eyes and began to cut off her long locks. At last, she was left with a head of short hair as she spoke with tears running down her face, “Ah Yu, Grandpa’s gone. This is the only way I know to stay strong.”

Lin Mu Yu did not know what to say back to her.


After a whole morning of labor, Chu Feng was buried on the outskirts of Seven Star Forest.

In the afternoon, Lin Mu Yu went directly to Hundred War firm after bringing Chu Yao back to the Division office.

Lei Baizhan was not aware that Chu Feng was killed, so he faced Lin Mu Yu with an excited smile and laughed, “Young warrior Lin! You would have never imagined it, but those two bottles of Peak of Dreams were sold for 4400 and 4700 gold, respectively. What a profit! Come on, let’s go settle the accounts in the back!”

“Boss Lei.”

Lin Mu Yu said in the calm voice, “I need a person from you.”

“Oh? What kind of person are you looking for?”

“Who from Hundred War firm is the most ‘in the know’?”

“This…” Lei Baizhan immersed in thought as he mumbled, “The one with the most abundant information and the broadest networking… Oh, it’s probably that kid Situ Hao, what do you need someone like that anyway?”

“Just get him here.”

“Alright then!” To Lei Baizhan, Lin Mu Yu was a delicious money tree, so he naturally acceded to his pleas.

Not long after, a 20-years-old lad appeared in the back hall. Situ Hao asked with a smile, “Mister Lin, what might you be needing me for?”

“Just follow me.”


Walking out of the firm, Lin Mu Yu turned around and stuffed 20 gold Yin into Hao’s pocket. He asked, “You should know the man by the name of Zhu Dao Rong, right?”

“Oh General Zhu!” Situ Hao laughed out loud, “Of course I know him well. Aside from the Lord himself, General Zhu is the one with the most military power in Silver Fir. He has 2000 men of the Imperial army in his hand!”

“What kind of habits does Zhu Dao Rong have?”

“Habits… For a military man, aside from drinking… it would probably be visiting the brothel or something. Oh that’s right, General Zhu liked this one woman from the west district’s Spring Brothel. One of the prettiest lass in this city, oh boy. I think her name is Ruan Ruyu. Usually, if nothing is happening, General Zhu would spend his nights in Ruan Ruyu’s bed.”

“Where is Ruan Ruyu’s room?”

“The top floor of Spring Brothel only has one room, and that would be Ruan Ruyu’s bedroom.”


Lin Mu Yu patted Hao’s shoulder and said, “Thank you, Hao. Here is another 30 gold Yin, so perhaps I will ask you to handle some other affairs for me. Rest assured, follow me and I definitely will treat you right.”

Situ Hao was a man drawn to money, so he quickly nodded, “Yes yes yes, you can trust me to handle anything perfectly!”

“Alright, then can you find a few strong hands and help me protect Chu Yao of the Panacea Division?”

“I can probably find a few mercenaries. There are two level 30 Earth realm mercs that has a 20 gold Yin commission per day, is that ok?”

“That’s fine. Maybe even get a few more and tell them to guard the courtyard from afar. Just make sure that no one will be able to hurt Chu Yao.”



As midnight came, sounds of love were abound in the rooms of Spring Brothel. While the inhabitants were enjoying themselves, a shadow dashed from pavilion and landed softly onto the building’s roof. Lin Mu Yu hugged his steel sword and closed his eyes. He could make out Ruan Ruyu’s faint pampered gasps  as well as Zhu Dao Rong’s heavy panting.

How could someone who recently received arrow wounds have the stamina for this?

In a flash, Lin Mu Yu’s hypothesis was verified once more. Springing into a soft jump, he soundlessly entered the building. His footsteps were extremely light, which can be attributed to the mysterious power of Starfall Steps.

Looking from afar, there were 4 guards outside the room as the starlight casted their shadows on the window. At the same time, Zhu Dao Rong was bent over on top of the girl and enjoying himself. Ruan Ruyu tenderly moaned as she catered sweetly to the ordeal. By their side, Zhu Dao Rong’s three-pronged spear stood in the corner. As a martial artist, his weapon would always stay by his side.

Lin Mu Yu unhurriedly walked over and drew his sword. The sound of the sword scraping against the sheath was very soft, but Zhu Dao Rong still heard it. He hastily turned and shouted, “Who is it?”

“It is I.” Lin Mu Yu said with indifference.

While Ruan Ruyu shrieked in fear, Lin Mu Yu hacked down with his sword. The speed of Lightning Chop in conjunction with Starfall Steps was too fast for Zhu Dao Rong. Before he could even put up defenses, his right arm was chopped off. Blood streamed out like a waterfall and white bones eerily stuck out of the stump. He took it like a man and roared, “Lin Mu Yu, are you crazy? Why did you mount a sneak attack on me!? I’m a general!”

Lin Mu Yu said coldly, “My master Chu Feng was slain by your spear, right? Too bad you did not mess up the wound, and just stabbed a few arrows into your chest instead. The blood on the other corpses had dried for nearly a day, yet those arrows were still not removed. Now that I think about it, you’re truly a narcissistic moron! Anyhow, look at your chest. Where is the wound? You pig, did you think you can really keep everything in the dark after you killed Grandpa Chu Feng? Tonight, I will make you pay it all back in blood!”

Zhu Dao Rong roared in anger, “I am the overwatching general of Silver Fir and you dare to kill me? Guards, come take care of this assassin!”

Several guards crashed through the door on his command.

However, Lin Mu Yu was even faster. Pushing his left palm out with force, the Green Gourd materialized and countless vines erupted from the floor to bind the guards. At the same time, Sonic Blade flew out and sliced through 4 necks. The four guards were all instantly killed.

Zhu Dao Rong turned pale with fright. These bodyguards were all practitioners of the second stage of Human realm, and this young brat had killed them all in a flash. How scary was his martial capacity?

But after all, Zhu Dao Rong was still a level 44 Battle Master, so he quickly stood and grabbed his spear with his remaining hand. A fierce tiger spirit visualized as the spear ignited in flames. He dauntingly growled as unleashed all his power into one strike and the spear leapt forth as if it was a fiery snake.

Lin Mu Yu appeared even more cool-headed as the green gourd condensed before his chest. A layer of flame red Ebony Scales appeared on top of the gourd wall and forcefully shook back Zhu Dao Rong. Although the martial spirit sent back a fierce aftershock, Lin Mu Yu had noticed that Zhu Dao Rong’s strength had decreased after he lost an arm and was definitely not a match anymore.

Activating Starfall Steps, he arrived to the left of Zhu Dao Rong and gripped his sword in both hands. The wind sparked as Lin Mu Yu forcibly shattered Zhu Dao Rong’s energy shield with another Lightning Chop. The blade fell onto the general’s left arm and coincidentally sliced off a big chunk of flesh. While the older man howled in pain, Lin Mu Yu followed up with a full strength Sonic Punch!


The Sonic Punch rippled through the air and Zhu Dao Rong stuffily groaned. His internal organs were instantly shattered and he died on the spot.

Ruan Ruyu looked at the man’s corpse as she stood naked. She shook her head frantically as she begged, “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me. I don’t know anything, don’t kill me…”

Lin Mu Yu fumbled his brows and said, “If I don’t kill you, you will definitely sell me out. Come, drink this.”

“What is it?”

Without explaining anything else, Lin Mu Yu immediately forced a bottle of Peak of Dreams down her throat. This could at least make her fall unconscious for three days and should technically save her life.


Grabbing onto Zhu Dao Rong’s three-pronged spear, Lin Mu Yu climbed out the window and sprinted towards the lord’s manor.

TL Note: I might have made a mistake with the weapon. It could have actually been talking about something like this: Spear Tip

He entered the courtyard as the sun broke past the horizon. There were indeed several mercenaries guarding outside the door. Looks like gold coins are quite useful in this case. Lin Mu Yu quickly rushed into the yard and pushed open the door to Chu Yao’s room. Her eyes were swollen red as her mind was already at its weakest point. She faintly asked, “Ah Yu, why are you…”

“Let’s go quickly!”

Lin Mu Yu grabbed her hand and pulled her out the door.

“Where are we going?”

“Bai Ling Pharmacy!”

“What for?”

“We need to get everyone together and leave the city. We can’t stay here any longer.”


“Grandpa was killed by Zhu Dao Rong.”

“What?!” Chu Yao was shocked by the sudden revelation, “How… How can that be? Zhu Dao Rong is the overwatch general of the city, so why would he kill Grandpa? He… why would he do this?”

Lin Mu Yu calmly explained, “It’s because Lord Hua Tian wants the Medicine God Index, so he killed Grandpa. Last night Zhu Dao Rong looked seriously injured, but there was not a single wound on his chest today. Grandpa’s three-pronged wound corresponds to this spear, which was Zhu Dao Rong’s weapon.”

Chu Yao was a smart girl and instantly understood everything. Clenching her teeth, she swore, “I need to kill Zhu Dao Rong!”

“I’ve killed him already. We need to leave.”


When the pair arrived at the pharmacy, what greeted them was a sea of flames!

Lin Mu Yu called forth the gourd spirit and rushed into the flames, only to find the corpses of everyone splayed out on the ground. Wang Ying, Zhao Xin, Luo Kai, and the rest were all lain in the bloodbath. This place had been massacred!

Griping pain shot through Lin Mu Yu’s chest as he punched the wall. He blamed himself for not anticipating the destruction of Bai Ling Pharmacy. Hua Tian had definitely let Xiang Xiang ask about the index because they could not find it on Chu Feng’s body. He would have definitely searched through the pharmacy and would silence all who were related.

“Senior Wang Ying…”

“Junior Luo Kai…”

Chu Yao looked at the pile of corpses as tears began to roll off her face once again.


Right at that moment, sounds of hooves were heard from outside. Someone loudly shouted, “Lin Mu Yu killed General Zhu. He is a fugitive of the Empire, we can’t allow him to run freely. Lin Mu Yu and Chu Yao, we can’t let either of them go!”


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  1. Thanks for the translation!

    So, we will see Lin Mu Yu killing Hua Tian or his son before they leave? And where will they go now? Will they go look for Qu Chu and the princess or will they go train in the woods?

    A whole new arc up ahead! I honestly was feeling sick of this city already, not only the shitty Lord and his shitty son but that idiot in the pharmacy who speak of the God index while drunk… So annoying!!

    Anyway, I trust the story will pick up the pace now, as of now is a little too slow for my taste.


  2. Wow, they found out it was him quick. I thought there were no witnesses? Well, it’s also a pretty easy conjecture to make, to figure out the likely assassin.
    Anyway, things are getting exciting! Thanks Ryu!


  3. FUCK! What does cutting her hair short has to do with staying strong?! Damn you, author!

    Damn, damn, damn, dammit! I’m truly annoyed now!

    By the way, thanks for the chapter!!!


  4. Everything went to hell pretty damn fast. He should have ended the general more smartly to buy more time to escape.
    Thanks for the chapter!


  5. Totally called it in the previous chapter! It’s because they didn’t find the book on CF that that girl went and asked LMY about it!! But that sure escalated quickly. I had expected a couple of chapters of investigations. deceit, and silent assassination, but not a straight-out murder on LMY’s part. Either ways, it’s awesome! And now that they’re fugitives they would probably need to use that badge that the princess gave LMY a few chapters back.

    Anyway, thanks for the translation!


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