The Alchemist God: Chapter 29 – Level 30 Battle Adept

Chapter 29 – Level 30 Battle Adept

A family of four would likely only require just 10 gold Yin to sustain themselves, but this skill book would cost as much as 1200 gold Yin. Clearly this world doesn’t want anyone to become powerful. Prices like these probably gated many from ever becoming a strong practitioner, even if they tried their hardest.


“Give me a Basic Swordmanship then!”

Lin Mu Yu readily took out a gold Yin coin. The only skill he had in terms of swords was Lightning Chop, so buying a copy of Basic Swordsmanship instruction book was a decent option. When the book was passed into his hand, he was reminded of an old video game called
. If he remembered correctly, the first skill that a warrior learned in that game was Basic Swordsmanship, which raised accuracy. Now that he was holding an actual Basic Swordsmanship instruction in his hand, Lin Mu Yu was filled with regretful emotions and sighed.

Chu Yao naturally did not know why Lin Mu Yu was sighing. The hawker then held up a pale cyan book and opened the first page, “Wind Sword Style. This is sword fighting skill book about using the element of wind to control the fight. Young warrior, do you really not want to get a copy?”

Lin Mu Yu only took a glance. A verse was written on the page: Comes as thunder, returns as lightning. He was almost unable to hold himself back, but he really lacked the money for it!

“What, you don’t want it?” The hawker grinned.

Lin Mu Yu shook his head, “Not enough money.”

“Oh, so you’re poor. Goodbye then.” His change of tone was certainly fast.

Lin Mu Yu didn’t pay him any mind, and smiled, “Chu Yao, let’s go look around for a place to sell medicine. I have two potions that I want to sell.”



Hundred War Firm’s medicine auction house was located in the east. A few minutes of walking later, the two young alchemists arrived at the shop. A shop assistant looked up and asked, “How may I help you?”

“I want to sell two bottles of medicine.”

“Oh?” The assistant looked stunned at the emblem on Lin Mu Yu’s chest, “Kid, you’re from the Panacea Division right? An alchemist from the Panacea Division selling medicine at an auction house… Do you not have any of the dignity of a Division member?”

“You guys accept medicine. I sell medicine. There is nothing wrong with this matter.” Lin Mu Yu spoke with indifference, “If you won’t accept, I guess I could just go chat with your boss.”

“I’ll accept it, I’ll accept it. Take out your medicine.”

Lin Mu Yu reached into his waist pouch and pulled out two bottles of Peak of Dreams. Placing them onto the table, he said, “Go ahead and identify them.”

The clerk picked up a bottle and took a sniff. He mumbled in amazement, “What kind of potion is this? Why can’t I… recognize this smell?”

“Peak of Dreams, Level 7.”

“What?” The clerk shuddered as if he had seen a ghost, “How is that possible, wasn’t the Peak of Dreams long lost?”

At this point, an old pharmacist asked from a distance, “Xiao San, what are you so surprised about?”

“Master, come look at this!”

When the old pharmacist also took a sniff of the Peak of Dreams, his face instantly changed color, “The olfactory stimulation is really that of the Peak of Dreams… Heavens, how did this drug appear once again on this continent?”

As he spoke, he turned to look at Lin Mu Yu, “Youngster, did you alchemize this potion?”

“Yes, I found the formula in a tattered manual, and then I alchemized it.”

“Wait a second!”

The old pharmacist gave him a deep look, and said, “If this is really the Peak of Dreams, you’ll really become famous! How about this, come with me to the back and I’ll call over the auction house’s manager!”



Chu Yao was a little nervous, while Lin Mu Yu confidently walked as he held onto her hand. He was really confident in the Peak of Dreams. Once the potions were sold, then he could probably expect a large payout of gold Yin.

A few minutes later, a man in his 40s quickly entered the back hall. He was dressed in a full suit of merchant outfit, his thick eyebrows and big eyes accentuated his astute appearance. He looked with awe at Lin Mu Yu and Chu Yao, “Hello young friends, I am Hundred War Firm’s owner, Lei Baizhan. You say that these two bottles of Peak of Dreams were alchemized by you? What is your name?”

“Lin Mu Yu!”

“Oh?” Lei Baizhan’s eyes shined with interest. He chuckled, “So you’re the Lin Mu Yu who defeated young lord Hua Wan. Hahaha, what a coincidence. This… Peak of Dreams’ recipe, how did you obtain it?”

Lin Mu Yu casually made up a story, “I found it in a beast den in Seven Star Forest. After I learned it, the book was soaked in the rain on the way back to Silver Fir, and is now just a pile of scrap.”

“So that’s it.” Lei Bai Zhan was smart. He knew that Lin Mu Yu would not be willing to share the truth, so he just smiled, “With Hundred War Firm’s financial backing and popularity, we can totally help you push the price of the Peak of Dreams up to at least 2000 gold Yin a bottle, but I only have one condition. Youngster Lin, you must make an agreement with us that states if you were to make any Peak of Dreams in the future, you must sell it here at Hundred War Firm. How does that sound?”

“What kind of benefits will that give me?” Lin Mu Yu asked with a smile.

Lei Bai Zhan readily took out a jade-white badge from his robe, and explained, “This is Hundred War Firm’s VIP Jade Badge. With this badge, you’ll be able to buy anything in this firm for only seven tenths of the original price. Also, you can overdraft a maximum of 2000 gold Yin from the firm’s treasury. How about it? I don’t have much more to say since I’ve shown you my sincerity.”

Lin Mu Yu smiled, “Deal!”


Lei Baizhan was exceptionally joyful, “I’ll release news today that we will auction off two bottles of Peak of Dreams at tomorrow’s public auction. We’ll take 2 shares of the profit, while you will receive the other 8 shares. How does that sound?”

“Then you’ll have to promise me one thing as well. You must keep this a secret for me and not disclose the origins of these two bottles of Peak of Dreams.”

“Sure. Business dealings should be like this anyhow. Rest assured that I will take care of it.”

“Thank you.”


Lin Mu Yu went downstairs and took out 1000 gold Yin with the new VIP badge. Soon after, he went back and brought the copy of Wind Sword Style and lunched with Chu Yao at a nearby restaurant. The two returned to Bai Ling Pharmacy in the afternoon to visit Zhao Xin, Luo Kai, and the rest. After leaving behind 10 gold Yin coins for the pharmacy, the two returned to finish work at the Division office and then back to their residence to train.

After several sets of Sonic Punch, Lin Mu Yu began to practice swordsmanship. Basic Swordsmanship was fairly easy to learn, taking no more than 1 hour for Lin Mu Yu to master with his great perception. It was basically instructions to simple attacking, defending, and dodging. After that, he began to imitate the Sword Wind Style. Sword Wind Style was a sword art based around controlling the element of wind, and turning it into sword energy to be infused into the sword. If one was skillful enough, the power of this sword skill would be able to cut apart a mountain.

He practiced all the way to the evening, when his heart suddenly surged with a power that pushed against his chest.

Lin Mu Yu clearly understood that it mean he was going to have a breakthrough soon. He had unconsciously trained himself from level 27 to 29 and was soon to break into the first stage of Earth realm. This kind of advancement speed would have scared someone else to death. In fact, Lin Mu Yu had also secretly felt suspicious of why he was able to advance so quickly.

Frankly, according to Qu Chu’s words, this was all because of the demon sleeping inside of him.


Since he had to advance, then he must use a beast spirit of good enough value. To leave the city and hunt for one would be a little unrealistic, but luckily enough, Lin Mu Yu had the spirit stone of a 3000-years-old Bloodlust Tiger in his bag. Refining a spirit stone was the same as refining the beast’s spirit, but this really saved him a lot of trouble. So after letting Chu Yao know that he was going to be busy, he shut the door behind him.

Taking out the spirit stone and placing it on the side of the bed, Lin Mu Yu sat cross-legged on the bed. Manipulating energy around his body, the Green Gourd materialized from his body along with the system fairy Lulu. The petite fairy fluttered in the air as she circled around Lin Mu Yu. She grinned and cheerfully said, “Congratulations big bro, you’re about to rise in level!”

Lin Mu Yu asked, “Where have you been, Lulu? I haven’t been able to sense your presence for the last two days.”

Lulu smiled, “Big bro, I’m just an energy body. I’ve been flying around this continent for the last few days, and was collecting all kinds of informations, or how else could I better help you!”

“Can you take a look for me? What kind of materials will be necessary to refine this Bloodlust Tiger spirit stone?”

Lulu looked at the stone and said, “You can directly refine it. It looks like it doesn’t need any other materials. This spirit stone contains a fierce Bloodlust power, so it should probably give the Green Gourd an absorption-type ability. I don’t really know specifically what it will be though.”

“Ah, alright.”

Lin Mu Yu closed his eyes and concentrated energy to summon forth the alchemy cauldron. The Bloodlust Tiger spirit stone began violently shaking as it was dropped into the cauldron. The Green Gourd ferociously absorbed the power within the spirit stone, while the spirit stone also slowly broke apart into countless streams of energy essences. These essences were then absorbed into Lin Mu Yu’s body, and turned into usable energy.


The process continued for nearly an hour. When Lin Mu Yu opened his eyes again, his view became clearer and a pool of energy was pent up in his body. Released from Lin Mu Yu’s raised hand, the energy formed into an energy shield. It was the signature ability of an Earth realm practitioner: Shield Energy. It was a skill capable of greatly improving the user’s defensive capability.

Looking at the Green Gourd again, Lin Mu Yu was able to see thorns growing out of the gourd’s green vines. Lulu flew to the side and said, “This skill can roughly be called Thorns. It would be disastrous if the thorn pierces your skin.”

“What’s the big deal?” Lin Mu Yu was a little disappointed.

Lu Lu explained, “Because the thorns contain the Bloodlust Tiger’s Bloodlust power, once it pierces the skin, it can make a person’s energy leak out wildly.”

“So it’s like that!” That was a bit more satisfying.


Standing up, Lin Mu Yu clenched his fist. Instantly, a surge of energy welled into the fist and began to hover around it. This energy was definitely stronger than before. He had seemingly reached the tier of level 30 Battle Adept, but he just wasn’t certified at the Temple. Otherwise, he could probably obtain a monthly subsidy for domestic expenditures.

At that moment, someone had suddenly knocked on the door. The grinning pixie of a girl, Xiang Xiang, appeared again, “Sir, Xiang Xiang brought dinner for you and Miss Chu Yao.”


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  1. things are starting to pick up pace, though i still enjoy it as is. wonder how much the potions will sell for in the end since they guarantee at least 2000 gold coins per bottle… is it going to turn out to be many times over like it did in BTTH (Battle Through the Heavens). Looking forward to the results. again thanks for the chapter.


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    Should the unless be countless? I just think this sounds kinda weird.

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  3. “If one was skillful enough, the power of this sword skill would be able to metaphorically cut apart a mountain.”

    It’s able to metaphorically cut apart a mountain? So what, it cuts apart the mountain in your imagination? Lol. xD


    • Because you don’t want to sleep for 3 days and nights when you have a daily requirement to stay, or are living in enemy territory. He has both issues.


  4. At least the green gourd doesn’t have any major requirements to upgrade. Wonder why he hasn’t used the peak of dreams for himself yet.
    Thanks for the chapter!


  5. Thanks so much for the new chapter! I understand him selling the extra Peak of Dreams even though it seems shortsighted, but why not save one for Chu Yao? Ah well, maybe they’re too low to really get use out of them or something? Probably explained later.


  6. Why isn’t he using peak of dreams on himself? Or is he waiting till he has a first tier of it? Or does he just have no time to sleep for three days?


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