The Alchemist God: Chapter 28 – Wind Sword Style

Chapter 28 – Wind Sword Style

Up until midnight, Lin Mu Yu was coming up with the Sonic Blade’s first set of assassination technique. It was quite simple: using the power from Sonic Punch to redirect the Sonic Blade’s direction. The four knives were combined into a single spiral shaped disk blade so that it only made a low hissing sound as it zipped through the air. He was certainly an intelligent fellow for quickly mastering the technique. Now he was just lacking actual combat practice. Afterall, the Sonic Blade was an assassination tool, so there would be no point if there was no one to kill, no matter how pretty the skill might look.


He took a deep breath and restlessly continued to use Sonic Punch while consuming most of his body’s energy. The Green Gourd was like a spring that quickly absorbed spirit essence from the surrounding, and using it to replenish the body’s energy. This was probably what Qu Chu had meant when he said that people without martial spirits were not fit to train in martial arts, as martial spirits greatly enhances the body’s energy recovery. If the recovery speed of Lin Mu Yu’s 10th rank Green Gourd was already this fast, what about Tang Xiao Xi’s Firefox? Could it recover fully within a mere two hours?

Anyhow, Lin Mu Yu’s biggest headache right now was the woman in his room. This Xiang Xiang was definitely attractive and alluring, but she was sent by Hua Wan or Hua Tian. This kind of special treatment was fit for a noble guest at the Lord’s manor, but he could not bear it. If Xiang Xiang stays here, then his every move will be observed by Hua Wan. That was not a result he would want.

He braced himself and entered the room. Splitting apart the Sonic Blade and placing then 4 knives back in the pouch, Lin Mu Yu stretched and looked towards his bed. Sure enough, Xiang Xiang was lying on her side with only a thin sheet covering her body. The moonlight phased through the window and casted itself onto her body, making her look especially beautiful.

“Oh well, guess I’m sleeping on the bench tonight…”

He sighed and walked towards the nearby narrow bench.


Xiang Xiang was surprisingly not asleep. She looked up at him and said, “I remember explaining that if you won’t touch me today, then I will surely be beaten tomorrow. Taking a beating is the easy part, but I might even be subjected to a servant’s humiliation.”

“Servant’s humiliation?”

“Xiang Xiang is but a maid.” A fleeting smirk flashed across her face as she looked as if she was happy her trick had succeeded. She faintly smiled, “The master has many ways of punishing a maid. One is a beating, the other is allowing servants to use maids for pleasure. It is so that those lowly servants can wantonly disrespect and play with a maid’s body. Do you want Xiang Xiang to be reduced to that level?”

Lin Mu Yu naturally did not believe her. He couldn’t help but snicker, “What would you have me do then?”

“Just allow Xiang Xiang to serve you as you sleep. This is my sole duty.”

“No thanks. I’m used to sleeping alone.”

Lin Mu Yu knew that this Xiang Xiang was a beautiful rose. If he touched her, he would definitely be pricked by the rose’s thorns. Furthermore, this was the Lord’s manor, and not some brothel. Chu Yao was no more than 50 meters away as well, so he did not even dare to think about this kind of thing.


However, the more that he wanted to stop thinking about it, the worse the situation became.

Xiang Xiang suddenly stood up. She had taken off her dress, so there was only a thin sheet draped over her body. Her twin peaks faintly trembled as her slender white legs dragged themselves over the carpet step by step. Sitting down next to Lin Mu Yu, she pressed her body against him and a wave of mysterious fragrance wafted into his nose, causing him to stifle.

How could a 20 year old guy resist this kind of temptation?

“Sir.” Xiang Xiang’s words carried a bitter tone, “Xiang Xiang understands. The only woman that your heart misses is your fellow apprentice Chu Yao. I am not hoping that you will do anything for me, I just wish for you to give me pleasure. Is this not ok? If you don’t say anything, I won’t either, so it will be fine. I know that you dispise my unclean body, but… I have no choice in the matter. I had been sold into the Lord’s manor at 16 years old. That night, the young lord had taken my first time. My life is not my own, so I have no other choice but to submit to whatever it is asked of me.”

Lin Mu Yu slipped away and looked at her under the moonlight. This girl was really as beautiful as water and as bright as the moon. He dimly said, “No one’s life is not their own, so you as well.”

Xiang Xiang had originally planned to hold him in her arms, and as a result, she grabbed empty air. With her soft arms lifted in the air, she couldn’t help but sneer, “Lin Mu Yu, you’re looking down on me, aren’t you?”

“No, I’m not.”

“Then why do you humiliate me so?” Her face flushed in slight anger, “Yes. I, Xiang Xiang, am a shameless whore, but everything I’ve done was to keep surviving. What about you? You shame me like so. Do you really want me to become the plaything of those lowly servants?”

“That’s not it at all.”

Li Mu Yu looked at her and explained meticulously, “I don’t care what your purpose was when you came here, but the humiliation that you’ve suffered was already too much. Hua Wan can willfully own your body and wantonly humiliate you, but I can’t. If I were to wrong you right now, then what would be the difference between me and Hua Wan? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That is the reason I refuse you. Not only that, Xiang Xiang, do you really want to live like this? You have to understand that dignity is worth using your life to fight for.”


Xiang Xiang raised her head and looked at Lin Mu Yu. She was unable to respond. It took her a long time to finally whisper to herself, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you… Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…”

About two minutes later, Xiang Xiang smiled and curtsied at Lin Mu Yu, “Sir, why don’t you take the bed and Xiang Xiang will sleep on the bench? If anyone asks tomorrow, please help me say some good things. Perhaps say that I successfully served you today, is that okay?”

Lin Mu Yu nodded with a smile, “That’s no effort at all. But I think I’ll just sleep on the bench. My bones are quite hard, so I can’t sleep on too soft of a bed.”

Xiang Xiang’s cheeks faintly warmed as she returned to bed. However, her heart was fumbling like a surging storm. She could not sleep, so she turned around and saw Lin Mu Yu sound asleep on the bench. Although he was asleep, there was a faint loftiness about him.

What kind of a man is he?

Xiang Xiang repeated asked in her mind, but there was no answer. The humiliation that she faced after her 16th birthday had already turned her heart into stone. However, a single sentence from this man had seemingly softened the depths of her heart. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. What kind of person would be able to think of such a profound statement?


The next morning, Lin Mu Yu had woke up early and started practicing Sonic Punch and Lightning Chop. He held a steel sword, but his swordsmanship was very lackluster. Even then, he only knew one sword technique, and that was Lightning Chop. This was obviously not enough. Good swordsmanship was simply too important in actual combat, so he must find a way to learn it.

“Ah Yu!”

Chu Yao walked out of her room and greeted with a smile, “You’re up!”


Lin Mu Yu put away the Sonic Blade into his waist pouch and asked, “Did you sleep well last night?”

“Was pretty good.”

“Ah, that’s good.”

At that same moment, Xiang Xiang armorously walked out of Lin Mu Yu’s room while putting on her clothes. She chuckled and asked, “Sir, why are you up so early?”

Chu Yao was instantly petrified, “Who… Who are you?”

Xiang Xiang lifted her proud chest and smiled, “The one who served him in bed.”

Chu Yao bit down on her lips as her gaze turned into one of anger.

Lin Mu Yu anxiously explained, “Chu Yao, don’t misunderstand. I’m not that kind of person. I absolutely did not touch her! Xiang Xiang, I promised I would keep a secret for you, so don’t try to cause trouble for me!”

Xiang Xiang giggled, “Okay, I shall make my leave. I will come again tonight.”

“Ah… see you again…”

“Goodbye.” Xiang Xiang then turned to look at Chu Yao and teased, “Good sir’s bed skills are very good. You should find a chance to try it. You really shouldn’t waste such a good man!”

“I’m dead…”

Lin Mu Yu meticulously explained for half an hour before finally convincing Chu Yao that nothing had happened between him and that woman.


Before long, servants brought breakfast to them along with a heavy purse with 300 gold Yin coins. That was the money that Hua Wan had lost in the bet with Lin Mu Yu. Lin Mu Yu didn’t think the young lord would actually keep his promise.

They did not intend to go to work in the morning, mostly because the daily work was too simple and easy to complete. As such, Lin Mu Yu brought Chu Yao to the market with his purse of money in hand.

The market was bustling with people. Chu Yao was in a good mood as she speedily walked while pulling Lin Mu Yu along. She asked, “Ah Yu, are we going to buy something?”

“Where are skill books sold?”

“Well, there are some at the bookstore, but those are all bargain goods. If you want to learn the best fighting techniques, you’ll probably need to pick some at the auction houses.”

“Let’s go to the auction houses then.”


There was a total of 4 auction houses in the city, and Chu Yao picked the biggest one, called “Hundred War Firm”. In actuality, most of the items sold at this auction house were related to martial artists. Things like weapons, technique books, cultivation pills, and cultivation potions were all commonly seen. Lin Mu Yu could not help but become slightly excited when he walked through the door. To him, this place was practically heaven!

“There, there…” Chu Yao led him by the hand, “Ah Yu, skill books are sold there.”

Walking over, Lin Mu Yu saw a middle-aged man of about 40 years old selling fighting skill books. The man looked shady at first sight. Smiling creepily, the man asked, “What would you two youngsters be looking for? My shop has all kinds of skill books. Skills of Wind, Fire, Lightning, and Thunder are all available here. Furthermore, our shops specialty treasure is a skill book passed down by a Saint realm expert. Would you like to see? It only costs 5000 gold Yin!”

“A single skill book sells for 5000 gold Yin?”Chu Yao yelped in surprise, “You might as well be committing highway robbery!”

The hawker greedily smiled, “This young miss simply does not understand. A profound skill book can allowed a martial arts practitioner to undergo exceptional changes. Otherwise why would so many powerful practitioners be reluctant to hand over their secret techniques?”Lin Mu Yu asked with a smile, “Boss, do you have any sword technique related books?”

“Of course!”

The hawker speedily took out three books and said, “No bargaining. This book is Basic Swordsmanship, priced at 1 gold Yin. This is High Class Swordsmanship, priced at 500 gold Yin. And the last one is the long lost Wind Sword Style, priced at 1200 gold Yin. Just one set price. I can see that you are a handsome and well-spoken fellow, but don’t try to bargain with me, or else you’ll just be raising the price.”


40 thoughts on “The Alchemist God: Chapter 28 – Wind Sword Style

    • Really?? Huh… well then friend, if you ever come across a novel called The Dragon Blood Warrior, or MGA, don’t read it.


      • it’s just 5 sentences, and only


        on the night Linley and Delia maried.

        can this even be considered “Sexual content”

        If don’t want that just go read the manga even though it seems like trash.
        I mean, shit, ugh, They turned his grandpa into a magical girl!


    • Why are you making such a big deal out of it? There wasn’t even any sex! Honestly I haven’t witnessed a lot of sex in Xianxia and in the stories that do have such content it isn’t described explicitly, but that’s just my experience.

      Sorry if I seem offensive btw after rereading what I wrote I saw that it can seem that way…


    • It’s welcome as long as it’s within what the character would do and it goes naturally with what the story needs done. This isn’t the time, so it didn’t happen yet. I’m expecting it to be at least mentioned happening with Chu Yao and Xiao Xi later on if they don’t die. Wuxia/Xianxia doesn’t really tend to get descriptive anyways on the sex scenes. The main focus is the battles and the training.


    • You may not welcome it, but most don’t even put much thought into it being there. In this particular case, it just showed me more of the kind of person the mc is. A person I’m starting to like, actually.


  1. I think I’d look into that guys reputation before giving him so much money. Not that he can afford anything other than the cheapest one at the moment of course (unless he sells some fairly high class medicines first).


    • hmm i think LMY will buy the basic one first, because he is still a beginner at sword technique, some quote says” everyting come from basic, if you want to become a master of something master the basic one first”


  2. I think there is a mistake on this quote:
    “Do onto others as you wish to be done by”
    I think it should be something like this:
    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”
    “Do to others what you would have them do to you”

    Thanks for the translation.


  3. Yet another flag has been raised :). I feel sorry for xiang xiang background but I still don’t like her hopefully she gets either ignored or killed off. Jeez typical businesses giving customers a major rip off curse that hawker guy he has shit marketing skills.


    • That is really harsh and i think your rushing it, you can’t just kill of character on their first impression. I mean the MC made a shitty entrance. If you want that girl dead he should die too.

      And Hawker has done no wrong here cause the basic is easy to get, it’s like a used schoolbook, learning the advanced one is like getting an university degree, witch we all now is really expensive.

      And the last one is a unique treasure. A lost technique. With 300 gold if he were to turn them into first tier potion it would become 600 in a batch 1200 second batch.

      well that is just my opinion on this matter.


      • LoL i am harsh guy 🙂 plus i am like a game of thrones or akama ga kill kind of guy i prefer characters that i either like or dislike being killed off in the storyline its just my thing which I fun XD. As for the hawker guy that one was a joke from me I was gonna say Chinese buisnesses but left it with businesses since it was a inappropriate stereotype. Hope that clarifies my comment and your opinion.


  4. Question!

    Can he get a new martial spirit?
    Since his martial spirit is taken from his game storage can he put new epic stuff in it and pick it as his new martial spirit?


  5. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. What kind of person would be able to think of such a profound statement?”

    Jesus Christ…that’s who. lol


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