The Alchemist God: Chapter 25 – Prepare to Pay the Price If You Dare to Agitate a Dragon’s Weak Point!

Chapter 25 – Prepare to Pay the Price If You Dare to Agitate a Dragon’s Weak Point!

“Princess Xi, what do you think of the young lord’s fighting ability?” Qu Chu asked with a smile as he took a sip of tea.

Tang Xiao Xi laid on the table with a bored expression on her face. Looking at the arena in the distance, she said, “The power of the martial spirit isn’t half bad. To be able to train a mere 6th rank Lightning Hammer to this level is pretty decent, but he is just too vicious with his attacks.”

On the other side, Hua Tian’s face twitched slightly.

Tang Xiao Xi did not care about the Lord’s feeling at all. Hua Tian, like his son, also had the 6th rank Lightning Hammer spirit. Tang Xiao Xi’s words were humiliations to the Lightning Hammer, but since Tang Xiao Xi had a 2nd rank Firefox spirit, there wasn’t anything Hua Wan could say.

Moreover, the other party’s status is too prominent and he did not dare to offend her.

The Duke of Azure Tides, Tang Lan, reigned over Seven Seas City, one of the Empire’s seven most famous cities. Seven Sea’s population of near 1 million was far superior to a small city like Silver Fir. Aside from Seven Seas, Tang Lan also controlled a dozen other cities, so he was far above Hua Tian in all regards.


After defeating 12 successive challengers, Hua Wan’s face glowed with pride as he became more and more pleased with himself. Suddenly turning to the edge of the area, he pointed at Lin Mu Yu and taunted, “Lin Mu Yu, you vile peasant. After three day’s training, it’s about time for you to challenge me right?”

Lin Mu Yu clenched his teeth and responded, “Sounds good!”

But at the same time, Chu Yao held onto his shoulder and said, “Ah Yu, you’re no match for him. Let me go out first and have a look.”

“Wait, hold on a sec…”

Without waiting for Lin Mu Yu to finish, Chu Yao suddenly leapt onto the stage. Clutching her daggers, she looked at Hua Wan with hostility and indifference as she said, “Come!”

Hua Wan couldn’t help but laugh as his eyes swept back and forth over Chu Yao’s supple figure. He teased, “I was wondering who it was. So it’s Chu Yao. What, you already can’t wait to be my seventh concubine?”


Chu Yao let out a delicate shout and summoned the Violet Mink. Infusing the daggers with spirit energy, she swung the dagger three times in quick succession as she charged at Hua Wan. However, Hua Wan’s calmness was far beyond Chu Yao’s imagination. His slender sword was like a willow branch trembling in the spring breeze as he quickly warded off the three attacks. He shouted a cry and materialized his Lightning Hammer onto the blade of his sword


Sparks flew in all directions as weapons made contact. Chu Yao crossed her daggers in front of her chest to blow the opponent’s attack, only to be shaken back and had to take several steps back. The power difference was too great. The Lightning Hammer’s violent power raged on her skin until she was finally unable to resist. A mouthful of blood shot out as she gasped for air.

“Little beauty, I really don’t want to hurt you so why don’t you just help yourself out? You’re no match for me. Let that piece of trash, Lin Mu Yu come on stage. I want to teach him a lesson!” Hua Wan thought back to the grudge he kept from when Lin Mu Yu smacked him in the face with the needle branch.

Chu Yao staggered to her feet as the Violet Mink continued to infuse her dagger with spirit energy. Her eyes welled in hate as she looked at Hua Wan.

“Chu Yao, get down!” Lin Mu Yu loudly commanded.

Chu Feng also shouted, “Ah Yao, come down quickly! You’re no match for him!”

However, Chu Yao was a headstrong and persistent girl. Enduring the excruciating pain, she abruptly dashed towards her opponent with a sliding step. When the daggers clashed with a loud crash, the Violet Mink unexpectedly exerted all its strength and bounced onto Hua Wan’s arm. With a chirping sound, it bit down onto the skin and caused blood to seep out from the wound.


Hua Wan’s face deformed as he clenched his teeth in pain. Bursting with anger, he shouted, “I gave you a chance but you won’t take it!”

As he spoke, the fully charged Lightning Hammer crashed down onto Chu Yao’s chest. With a bang, the Violet Mink scattered into light while Chu Yao fell back a few meters.


Hua Wan groaned and put all of his power into his sword. The blade vibrated with a buzzing sound as energy surged wildly. This blow will definitely cut a large hole out of Chu Yao’s chest if it lands.



Chu Yao almost closed her eyes in reflex when a figure suddenly appeared before her. He had a familiar looking back and a familiar sounding voice, “Hua Wan. Come at me if you have a problem with me!”

Lin Mu Yu opened his palm as the Green Gourd heeded his call and materialized before him. He did not waste time and quickly invoked the Ebony Scale’s power!

Hua Wan didn’t have the mind to care. After fulling charging the sword with lightning energy, he mercilessly stabbed down at the two before him!


A loud noise sounded as the the force of the clash whipped up a cloud of dust in the arena. Lin Mu Yu took three steps back and lightly crashed into Chu Yao’s arms. Hua Wan was in a worse shape. Arms were numb from the shock, Hua Wan looked at his sword in disbelief, “How… how can this be?”

He was unable to believe that Lin Mu Yu was able to block his fully-charged attack. Could it be that he used some kind of black magic?

“Ah Yu…” Chu Yao looked in awe at Lin Mu Yu’s back. At that moment, she couldn’t help but feel that the figure of the man before her was becoming increasingly bigger in her eyes. So much so that she felt a sense of security in his shadow.

Lin Mu Yu turned around and smiled, “Chu Yao, quickly get out of the arena. You’ve lost already, so I will take care of the rest.

“Okay.” She obediently leapt off the ring as Chu Feng quickly rushed to her side to look after her injuries.


There were only two men left in the arena.

Hua Wan’s suit of embroidered clothes and Lin Mu Yu’s plain clothes created an intense contrast. Similarly, Hua Wan’s face of ruthless anger and hatred contrasted greatly with Lin Mu Yu’s calm and laxness.

“You lowly peasant!”

Hua Wan’s hatred seeped out in his tone of voice. Quickly infusing energy into the sword in his hand, Hua Wan raised three fingers in his left hand and taunted, “Three moves! I’ll make you kneel down and call me grandfather in three moves!”

“If I haven’t lost by then?” Lin Mu Yu asked.

“Then I’ll call you Grandpa!” Wan Hua replied angrily.

“I’ll pass. Why would I want a bastard like you as my grandson?” Lin Mu Yu’s elicited laughter from the surrounding civilians. Most of the spectators were commoners, but they could only hide their anger towards people like Hua Wan. No one had ever dared to so openly provoke noblemen like Lin Mu Yu had.

“Then what do you want?”

“If you can’t kill me in three moves, then give me 300 gold Yin. How about it?” Lin Mu Yu smilingly offered.

“300 gold Yin?” Hua Wan frowned. Although he was a young lord, the sum of 300 gold Yin was no small number. However, since his words had left his mouth, there was no way for him to refuse. Thusly, he forced himself to accept, “Fine, if I lose, I’ll give you 300 gold Yin coins. If I win, then I’m taking your life!”

Lin Mu Yu clapped his hands together and smilingly said, “Deal!”


Hua Wan was truly furious this time. Fully summoning the Lightning Hammer, he enveloped his body with the spirit’s power while his sword glowed with fierce flickers of lightning pulses. He was trained in  the Lightning-based battle technique passed onto him by his father, called “Rolling Thunder Arts”. Used in conjunction with the Lightning Hammer, this technique would fully enhance the body’s ability to the highest level. It was also the reason why the Hua family was able to have a firm control over Silver Fir City for many generations.

“Lightning Draw!”

Hua Wan flickered forward as his sword left a trail of lightning in its wake.

Lin Mu Yu was watching intently. Hua Wan was indeed stronger than him, but probably not by much. Going head-on would not be disadvantageous, but risking it would be a little unwise.

In a flash, Lin Mu Yu dodged to the side with a Starfall Step, causing Hua Wan to cut nothing but air. After some fancy footwork, Lin Mu Yu attacked from the side as similar looking lightning energy appeared on his sword. However, Lin Mu Yu’s slash was faster and deadlier. A silent Lightning Chop directly slashed onto Hua Wan’s right leg.


Hua Wan’s energy barrier instantly collapsed as a bloody 10 cm long gash appeared on his leg.


He swore in a rage and loudly shouted, “Thunder Dance!”

Rays of lightning scattered out. Hua Wan was going all-in on this attack! He already understood his weak point: being too focused on power and ignored the factor of speed. Furthermore, Lin Mu Yu’s strange foot technique was the bane of his tactic. His originally sure-kill attack was easily dodged by Lin Mu Yu, so if he had continued like that, the next hit would have been dodged the same way.

Fortunately, Thunder Dance was an offensive technique that creates a net out of lightning energy. It was also a proud skill that he had spent 6 years practicing. There were only three people in this world who could perfectly execute Thunder Dance, and he was one of the three.

Rays of lightning continued to revolve around Hua Wan’s body while his sword vibrated faintly as if energy was going to burst out at any second. Abruptly jumping up, Hua Wan swung his sword with overwhelming force and slashed straight down at Lin Mu Yu’s head. With Thunder Dance’s range, Lin Mu Yu would not be able to dodge even if he wanted to.

However, Lin Mu Yu did not intend to dodge either, since he wouldn’t be able to dodge forever anyway.

Crossing his sword in front of his chest, he quickly called out the Green Gourd. The martial spirit transformed into a giant gourd before Lin Mu Yu and protected him from the Thunder Dance. At the same time, he violently called out, “Ebony Scale!”

Patches of flames ignited in the air and condensed into flame red scales on the Gourd Wall. Ebony Scale was made purely out of flame energy, thus it would not conduct electricity and was naturally the best defense against the opponent’s attack.

When Hua Wan saw the flame red scale, he couldn’t help but tremble in his heart. However, he still violently chopped down with his sword. He hated the kid too much. He hated the fact that this kid had embarrassed him in front of all these commoners. He hated Lin Mu Yu for shaming him in front of his father, because his father was extremely strict. If he were to lose this fight, he was afraid that he would never have an easy time again.


A loud crash shot through the air as Hua Wan’s Thunder Dance was completely dispersed on top of the Gourd Wall. The slash was completely blocked by the Ebony Scale’s defense!

At the split second when the Thunder Dance wore off, Lin Mu Yu immediately dashed forward and rammed his elbow into Hua Wan’s chin. At the same time, he lifted his right leg and gave Hua Wan a hard knee in the gut.

Suffering the heavy hits, the young lord drifted out like a unstrung kite. It was not enough to defeat him, but Lin Mu Yu did not want to bother getting into an argument later. Thus, stomping his legs firmly into the ground, Lin Mu Yu swept his left fist in an arc. Soon after, a sharp whistling sound was heard as a half-powered punch shot out at Hua Wan.

Sonic Punch!


A stuffy grunt was heard as the heavy punch landed on Hua Wan’s chest. He slowly fell over and crash onto the ground without a word. The punch had forcefully knocked him out!


Prepare to pay the price if you dare to agitate a dragon’s weak point!

And that’s what he deserved after hurting Chu Yao.


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    • The guy is maiming and killing people left and right, nearly killing his friend and openly stating to kill him.
      And he gives him a couple of punches in return at most, … yeah.. he totally paid him back rofl.

      I don’t know if I should laugh or cry at this, it’s like someone shoots a gun at you and friends then you slap him back, damn you showed him girl!

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    • It’s saying that even dragons (fierce heros) have their tender points which they care for, and if you dare to take advantage of them, you’ll pay the price.
      It’s not actually talking about a weakness like you’d have in a fight.


    • It’s like saying that even if it’s a weakness to a dragon, it’s not a good idea to strike it unless you can one shot it. If you fail to do so, you will suffer the consequences. If it cannot kill/disable the dragon right away, you will be roasted.

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      • I like your interpretation. It’s like if you are going to strike at a dragon’s weakness be prepared to face its full wrath. After all the dragon is not going to go easy on you or be merciful if you are deliberately attracting aggro from it!


      • poking a sleeping dragon’s butt was the proper idiom for that…

        since it is believed that dragons have very hard and thick scales, so normal weapons can’t damage their scales. Even if they attacked the dragon with their weapons, they won’t be able to damage it, or even disturb its sleep. The part of the dragon that was not covered with scales would obviously be it’s asshole. So if you want to give it some pain, you poke it’s asshole. It can be called the “weakness” because it’s the only part of it’s defense that can be penetrated.

        But of course, even if you poke it’s butt you won’t be able to kill it. So that’s the part where you “prepare for the price”


    • An equivalent English idiom might be something like “Reaping the Whirlwind”. As I understand it, the legend is that the dragon has one scale that’s reversed… touch that scale and the normally calm and wise creature will fly into a rage. I’ve seen it referred to in Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei as “Daring to touch the dragon’s scale.”

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  1. yep I was fucking right sonic punch for the finish hehe I should have called bets anyhow good short fight I enjoyed it. thanks for the update Ryu-kun.

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  2. It was a good fight, but I think Yun Che from Against the God’s wins compared to him.
    I was expecting a good slap or two in the face here, too. Although it would make even more enemies.
    Anyway, thanks!


  3. Ah, I thought he would unleashed another Seven Stars punch and turn that snot internal organs into jello…maybe his newly learn Sonic Punch can break at least a lot of the snot bones or cripple him at least!


    • LoL seven stars punch is too overkill and not satisfying enough :). A more satisfying defeat for that prick Hua Wan, deserves is to be castrated Chu Feng style (A Martial God Asura) and lets see how he satisfies his 6th concubines then XD.


  4. Once again, REALLY enjoying this series so far. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to translate it for us. Very much appreciated. 🙂


  5. Thanks for the chapter.

    Seems Ebony Scale was the main deciding factor like I had hypothesized. Course sonic punch for finisher was put out there by Ryugen lol

    Course I expected a closer match but seems I was overestimating the D-bag Hua Wan.

    Looking forward to the next chapter tomorrow/today


  6. Thank you for the chapter. I just found this LN the other day and decided to follow you right away.
    Oh and does any one think this is really similar to Douluo Dalu by Tang Jia San Shao.


  7. Thanks for the chapter!~
    What was Mu Lin’s “level” now again? Compared to the dumbass young lord guy.
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  8. I know that Dragon’s hidden scale is its weakness, but I think you should leave it as Dragon’s something scale. The meaning of this scale is something untouchable, and if you touch it you wil invoke Dragon’w Wrath.


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