The Alchemist God: Chapter 24 – The Young Lord’s Flaunting of Power

Chapter 24 – The Young Lord’s Flaunting of Power

Although they set out at dawn, the three were still walking in Seven Star Forest at sunset. However, since they were within a hundred Li from Silver Fir City, they decided to continue trekking in the night. With Lin Mu Yu and Tang Xiao Xi’s growth in the last two days, Qu Chu was not worried about wild beasts at all. Even if he stayed his hands, the two youngsters could probably handle most of the spirit beasts from the outer regions of Seven Star Forest.


On the journey back, Lin Mu Yu did not waste any time. He was either silently practicing Sonic Punch, energy channeling, breathing techniques, or using Wind Blow to practice striking distant trees. The speed and force of his Sonic Punch became stronger with each practice strike, so the power had naturally increased as well. Seeing the progress, Qu Chu couldn’t help but secretly praise his aptitude: This kid truly is a genius of once in a millennium. To be able to master the three big techniques Lightning Chop, Verdant Shell, and Sonic Punch in such a short amount of time… I can’t even begin to imagine how much he will grow in the future.

When the three rider finally arrived at the gate of Silver Fir City, clocks had already struck midnight. A guard in a scarlet red gown walked forth and began to help lead the way for Tang Xiao Xi’s horse. He respectfully smiled, “Congratulations Princess Xi, for finally breaking into the first stage of Earth realm!”

Tang Xiao Xi humbly smiled back, “Thank you. Let’s enter the city. We will rest at an inn tonight and set up tomorrow morning for the Capital. It’s been too long since I’ve left.”


The guard looked up and glanced at Lin Mu Yu. Startled, he mumbled, “This kid looks familiar…”

Lin Mu Yu responded, “I am an assistant at Bai Ling Pharmacy.”

“Oh I see. You’re the Lin Mu Yu who alchemized the first tier potion, right?”


“Haha.” The guard unknowingly started laughing. Following a hollow laughter, he said, “Tomorrow is the date for the Discount Token tournament between the youngsters of Silver Fir City’s alchemy world. Young Lord Hua Wan is sure to win, but since you hurried back tonight, presumably there will be an interesting fight to watch tomorrow. Princess Xi, are you going to watch as well?”

TL Note: Pardon Token changed to Discount Token…Because that’s what they are.

Tang Xiao Xi was not one who could handle this kind of temptation, so she turned to look at Qu Chu with her puppy eyes. Qu Chu had no choice but to laugh and say, “Oh well, we’ll watch the tournament before setting out. Besides, Princess Xi is the special representative so she should be personally awarding the Discount Token anyway.”

“Yeah yeah. Thank you Old Qu.”


Since, Tang Xiao Xi seemed to be deliberately avoiding him, Lin Mu Yu immediately went back to Bai Ling Pharmacy after walking Qu Chu and Tang Xiao Xi to the inn. When he pushed open the large doors to the yard, he saw Chu Yao in the distance. Sitting under a tree, she was surrounded in a shining aura while she trained her martial spirit, the Violet Mink. The Violet Mink was adorable and looked similar to Tang Xiao Xi’s Firefox, only its strength was much inferior. The Firefox was a 2nd rank martial spirit while the Violet Mink was a 5th rank spirit. It was basically the difference between a noble martial spirit and a peasant martial spirit.

“Chu Yao!” Lin Mu Yu softly called.

Immediately, Chu Yao opened her eyes and hugged Lin Mu Yu with incessant happiness, “Ah Yu, you’ve returned safely! Heh, Senior Wang Ying was saying that you would never return alive. Let me see quickly!”

She intimately held Lin Mu Yu’s arm and saw that he had seemingly become much stronger while his energy circulation felt more vigorous than before. The greatest change was the look of confidence and spirit in his eyes, both hinting at his advancement.

“Chu Yao, I have a martial spirit now.” Lin Mu Yu faintly smiled.

Chu Yao excitedly asked, “Oh? What kind of spirit?”

Lin Mu Yu softly muttered a sound and materialized the Green Gourd. Slightly embarrassed, he presented, “Green Gourd, 10th rank martial spirit, but it’s handy once I strengthen it a bit.”

“Oh…” Chu Yao quickly rushed to comfort him, “It’s alright. Even a 10th rank martial spirit is still a martial spirit, so it will still help you in training. If anything, I’ll represent Bai Ling Pharmacy tomorrow for the tournament tomorrow, at least I’ve already trained to level 21 now.”

“Wow, Chu Yao, you’re rising pretty quickly. Last I remember, you had only break past level 19 into level 20.”

“Yeah!” Chu Yao lifted her plump chest proudly and confidently smiled, “I am the strongest practitioner in Bai Ling Pharmacy right now. Ah Yu, do you think I can beat Hua Wan?”

“That’s a little difficult.” Lin Mu Yu rubbed his nose and answered truthfully.

Chu Yao chuckled and gave him a light slap on the shoulder, “Heh, can’t you have just a little bit more faith in your senior? Alright, you must be super hungry since you came back so late. I’ll go make you something to eat. I caught two hares today when I was out gathering herbs and I specially saved half a hare for you. Hehe, that glutton Luo Kai, if I wasn’t watching, he would definitely have ate your half!”

Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help but smile as a warm feeling was forming in his heart. Not knowing when it first started, but there was a feeling of home-coming when he returned to this place.

That night passed away very quickly. When Chu Feng, Wang Ying, Luo Kai, and the rest heard that Lin Mu Yu had returned, they had all came to visit him. Chu Yao was the last person to leave his room. Once Chu Yao had left, Lin Mu Yu immediately sat cross-legged on his bed and began to meditate.


On the next day, Chu Yao woke him up early with loud knocks. After eating breakfast, all the apprentices from Bai Ling Pharmacy went together to the Discount Token tournament. Chu Feng followed closely behind the group. Ever since Chu Yao had broken into the 2nd stage of Human realm, Chu Feng had placed great expectations on his cute granddaughter. Perhaps Chu Yao will be able to obtain victory in this competition?

As the Empire’s Alchemy Capital, Silver Fir City had given rise to two Medicine God tier alchemist, but those were all events several thousand years ago. However, that history had caused the citizens of Silver Fir City to continue seeking greater alchemy arts. Even the younger generation wanted to practice diligently in order to win back the city’s former fame.

The tournament grounds was set inside the military drilling ground within the lord’s manor. According to Empire law, each lord has the right to train a limited government army to combat bandits in peacetime,  while the same army must enlist into the Empire’s royal army in the onset of war. Silver Fir’s Lord Hua Tian had trained army totaling 2000 soldiers, which was the limit for this small city with a population of only fifty thousand.

The drilling ground was not very wide, so it was already crowded with masses of spectating civilians. As for the nobles of the city, they had all been arranged a viewing area on the spectating terrace.

Lin Mu Yu looked in the distance, and as expected, Tang Xiao Xi and Qu Chu were both sitting at the host’s seats along with Hua Tian.


The tournament style was very simple: Challenge the holder until challengers stop coming forth!

Furthermore, only the pharmacies that placed in the top ten in the General Assembly could have challenging rights. Young Lord Hua Wan was clothed in a white robe as he stood in the area with a slender sword in his hand. He was the holder of the Discount Token from last year so he was the defender this year. His face was full of arrogance as he looked at the crowd below the stage and smirked, “I, Hua Wan, had been lucky enough to become the holder of the Discount Token of the last tournament. I shall await the challenge of all of you fellow young alchemists. Whoever defeats me will be able to take this Discount Token from my hand. Who wants to have a go?”

He had barely finished his sentence before a green-cloaked young man jumped onto the stage with sword in hand. His nimble figure told of his martial prowess as he saluted and smiled, “Young Master Hua Wan, I am Dong Lun of Tian Qing Pharmacy. I hope the young master will grace me with a match!”

Hua Wan faintly smiled, “So it was Dong Lun. Let’s go!”

He turned his hand and placed his sword behind his back. Lightly moving his right palm, energy gathered into a plate of silver energy shield in the middle of his palm. He would dare to meet his opponent head-on without using a weapon?

Luo Kai said alarmingly, “Isn’t the young lord being too arrogant? Facing Dong Lun with bare hands. I heard Dong Lu is already a level 24 War Spirit.”

Wang Ying sneered, “Did you not see the energy shield in Hua Wan’s right palm? He can already condense an energy shield, which means he has broken past level 29 and into the first stage of Earth realm!”


Luo Kai was speechless, “What a terrifying Hua Wan. Who else of the younger generation in Silver Fir will even be well-matched for him?”


In the arena, Dong Lun had started his advance. As he shouted a cry, a golden arrow materialized around his sword and shot out with Dong Lun’s quick movements. Immediately Wang Ying cried out in surprise, “8th rank martial spirit, Cloud Piercing Arrow!”

Cloud Piercing Arrow was very fast, but Hua Wan was even faster. He lifted his right palm and shattered the arrow with the place of energy shield. Hua Wan’s mastery over Flesh Palm had almost reached the level where it was impenetrable by simple weapons. Just using his bare hands to block the opponent’s iron sword, sparks flew as he gripped the sword with his index and middle finger. A sharp cracking sound was heard as he forcefully snapped the blade in half.


After being struck by the forceful air stream, Dong Lun’s martial ability was too outmatched by his opponent and had to take several steps back. In contrast, Hua Wan mercilessly stabbed the broken blade into Dong Lun’s shoulder.

Blood spilled everywhere as Dong Lun took several more steps back. Kneeling down on one knee as he breathed heavily, he mumbled, “I… I lost!”

It was only one confrontation and Dong Lun had lost right away!


Hua Wan’s overpowering air left the spectators speechless to the extent that the apprentices of Bai Ling Pharmacy were all stunned. None of them dared to say anything, because to them, Hua Wan was an unchallengeable force that they did not dare to look straight in the eye.

Chu Yao bit on her red lips as her shoulders trembled slightly. Perhaps it was because of Hua Wan’s strength, or maybe it was because of Hua Wan’s mercilessness.

“Chu Yao, are you alright?” Lin Mu Yu asked caringly.

“I’m alright. Hua Wan is too cruel.”

“Ah, yeah…”


As a result, none of the subsequent challengers were able to succeed. One’s arm was pierced by Hua Wan’s sword while another’s leg was shattered by Hua Wan’s Lightning Hammer. In any case, none of the challengers left in one piece, which left Hua Wan immensely pleased with himself. He had begun to treat the tournament as a stage for pleasure.

On one side, a mercenary in tattered armor smirked and sneered, “I heard Lord Hua Tian had spent a high sum to buy a 3000 year old Lightning type spirit stone from a traveling merchant two days ago. Looks like the young lord has already refined that stone’s power, or why else would he have broken into Level 33, the first stage of Earth realm!”

When he said level 33, Lin Mu Yu saw a sliver of fear flit across Chu Yao’s face.

The difference was too great. Chu Yao was level 21, but Hua Wan was already level 33.


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  2. Lin Mu Yu is 27 and the Princess is 37, but his fighting ability is definitely greater as the fighting techniques he knows allows him to bring forth a strong defense greater than what should be possible and he is also able to punch above his weight class as he has two very strong attack techniques and of them ignores armor.


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